Jesus Heal Man Wey Get Demon
So Jesus and en disciples cross go di oda side for di river for Gerasenes aria. As Jesus just dey kom down from di boat, one man wey get evil spirit kom out from di beri groun, run kom meet am. Na inside beri groun di man dey stay and nobody dey fit tie am, even with shain. Bikos dem don tie en hand and leg many times with shain and handcuff, but e dey kut dem trowey. Nobody strong rish to hold am. Evriday and nite for di beri groun near where mountin dey, e dey shaut, dey use stone dey kut en body.
Wen e si Jesus dey kom from far, e run go meet am kon bow down for en front. Den e shaut, “Make yu leave mi, Jesus, yu wey bi God Almighty Pikin! I take God beg yu, nor sofa mi!” (Bikos Jesus don tell di demon before sey, “Komot from dat man body!”)
Jesus ask am, “Wetin bi yor name?”
E ansa, “My name na ‘Legion,’ bikos wi plenty.” 10 E kon beg Jesus make e nor drive dem komot from di aria.
11 For di mountin side, plenty pig dey der dey chop. 12 So di demon beg Jesus sey, “Oga God, make yu allow us enter di pig dem body.” 13 So Jesus kon allow dem. So di evil spirit kom out from di man kon enter di pig dem. Den di pig dem run pass one low place enter di river and dem rish 2,000 wey die inside di wota.
14 So, di men wey dey guide di pigs for der, run go spread di news for di town and pipol for di aria kon go look wetin happen. 15 Wen dem waka kom meet Jesus, dem kon si di man wey demon dey inside am before sidan for der, e wear klot and en head korrect, so fear katch dem. 16 Pipol wey si wetin happen to di man wey get demon before kon tell odas wey kom. 17 Den dem beg Jesus make e komot for dia aria.
18 As Jesus dey enter boat, di man wey get demon kon ask weda e fit follow am. 19 But Jesus nor gri make di man follow dem. Instead e tell am, “Go yor house go meet yor pipol and make yu tell dem wetin God don do for yu, bikos God don sorry for yu.” 20 So di man kon go, bigin tok for di whole village about wetin God do for am and evribody wey hear am, sopraiz well-well.
Restorashon And Healin
21 Wen Jesus don cross go di oda side with boat, plenty pipol kon gada round am for di wotaside. 22 Den, one oga for di sinagog wey en name bi Jairus waka kom and wen e si Jesus, e fall for en front 23 dey beg am sey, “My small dota don nearly die. Make yu kom tosh am, so dat e go well again.”
24 Jesus and plenty pipol kon follow am and di pipol dey push Jesus from evry korna. 25 E get one woman among dem wey don dey mestrate for twelf years naw. 26 Dis woman don sofa well-well for many doctor hand and e don spend all di money wey e get, but instead of am towel, di sickness kon dey worse more-more. 27 Wen e hear about Jesus, e waka go where Jesus dey kon manage tosh en klot. 28 Bikos e tok for en mind sey, “If I go fit tosh en klot, I go well.” 29 At wons, di blood kon stop and e feel am for en body sey e don well.
30 Na wons, Jesus know sey pawa komot for en body. E kon turn round ask di pipol, “Who tosh my klot?”
31 En disciples kon ansa am, “Yu si all dis plenty pipol dey push yu and yu dey ask, ‘Who tosh mi?’ ”
32 But e kon dey look evriwhere make e for si di pesin wey tosh am. 33 Fear katch di woman wen e know wetin happen to am, so e kom meet Jesus, knee down for en front kon tell am evritin wey happen. 34 So Jesus tell am, “My pikin, yor faith don make yu well. Make peace follow yu and make yu well finish.”
35 As Jesus still dey tok, pipol from Jairus house waka kom tell Jairus sey, “Yor dota don die. Why yu still dey worry di tisha?”
36 Jesus nor listin to dem, but e kon tell di man, “Make yu nor fear, but make yu just bilive.”
37 Jesus nor let anybody follow am espect Pita, James and John, wey bi James broda. 38 Dem kon rish Jairus house kon si plenty pipol dey make nois, dey kry. 39 Wen Jesus enter, e tell dem, “Why una dey kry like dis? Di pikin neva die, e just dey sleep.” 40 Dem kon dey laf am.
Jesus drive dem go outside, kon take di pikin papa and mama with di disciples wey follow am go inside di room where di pikin dead body dey. 41 Den e whole di pikin hand small-small kon tell am, “Talita kumi,” wey mean “Small girl, get up.” 42 Di girl (wey bi twelf years dat time) kon get up at wons bigin waka round di house. Evribody sopraiz for wetin happen. 43 But Jesus warm dem well-well sey, make dem nor let anybody know wetin happen so, den e kon tell dem make dem give di pikin food chop.