Jesus Body Shange
Jesus kon tell dem, “I tell una true word, some pipol dey here wey nor go die until dem don si God Kingdom and en pawa.”
Afta six days, Jesus, Pita, James and John kon go one high mountin. E kon shange for dia front, en klot kon dey shine well-well and e white pass how any dri-cleaner go fit wosh am. Den Elijah and Moses kon appear for dia front dey tok with Jesus.
So, Pita tell Jesus, “Tisha, e good make wi stay here. Make wi build three tent, one for yu, one for Moses and one for Elijah.” (Dem dey fear and dem nor know wetin to tok.)
Den, kloud kover dem and one vois kon tok from di kloud sey, “Dis na My only pikin wey I love. Make una listin to am!”
Wen dem look round, dem nor si anybody escept Jesus.
As dem dey kom down from di mountin, Jesus kon tell dem make dem nor tell anybody wetin dem si, until Man Pikin go don wake-up from deat. 10 Den dem kon dey tok with each oda about wetin dis “Wake-up from deat” mean.
11 Dem ask Jesus, “Wetin make di law tishas dey sey Elijah go first kom?”
12 Jesus ansa dem, “True-true, Elijah go first kom, make e for prepare evritin. Naim make dem rite for God word sey, ‘Man Pikin must sofa many tins and dem must hate am?’ 13 But I dey tell una naw sey, Elijah don kom true-true and dem don do am wetin dem like, just as God tok for en word.”
Di Disciples Nor Fit Heal
14 Wen Jesus, Pita, James and John kom meet di oda disciples, dem si many pipol and di law tishas gada, dey argue with dem. 15 Wen di pipol si Jesus, dem sopraiz kon run kwik-kwik go greet am.
16 Jesus ask dem, “Wetin una dey argue about?”
17 One pesin among di pipol kon ansa, “Tisha, I bring my pikin wey get demon wey dey make am nor fit tok, kom meet yu. 18 Anytime di spirit seize am, e go trow am down and e go dey bring foam from en mout, dey grind en tit and en body go kon strait. I tell yor disciples make dem drive di demon komot, but dem nor fit.”
19 Jesus kon ask en disciples, “Una wey nor bilive! How long I go stay with una? How long I go dey bear with una? Make una bring di boy kom meet mi.”
20 So, dem take di boy go meet am. Wen di spirit si Jesus, e kwik-kwik trow di boy for groun kon make am dey shake. Di boy fall for groun, dey roll and foam dey komot from en mout.
21 Jesus ask di boy papa, “Since wen dis tin don dey do am?”
Di papa ansa, “Na since e bi small pikin. 22 Di spirit dey always trow am inside fire or wota make e for die. But if yu go fit do anytin, make yu sorry for am and help us.”
23 Den Jesus ask am, “Yu mean, ‘If I fit?’ Evritin dey possibol for di pesin wey bilive.”
24 Kwik-kwik di boy papa kon shaut, “I bilive o-o! Help mi make I bilive more-more!”
25 Wen Jesus si sey pipol dey gada, e kon tell di evil spirit, “Yu deaf and dumb spirit, I kommand make yu kom out from di boy and nor enter en body again.”
26 Di demon shaut, shake di boy well-well kon komot from en body. Di boy sleep for groun sotey many pipol kon dey sey, “E don die!” 27 But Jesus whole di boy hand small-small, karry am up and di boy kon stand up.
28 Wen e enter di house, en disciples kon ask am, “Why wi nor fit drive di demon komot?”
29 Jesus ansa dem, “Na only with prayer and fasting dis kind one dey take komot.”
Jesus Tok About En Deat And Resureshon Again
30 Jesus and en disciples kon komot from der pass Galilee. But Jesus nor wont make anybody know, 31 bikos e dey tish and tell en disciples sey, “Dem go sell Man Pikin give human being. Dem go kill-am and afta three days, e go wake-up again.” 32 But di disciples nor undastand wetin Jesus tok and fear nor let dem ask am wetin e mean.
Kweshon About Who Big Pass
33 Dem kon rish Kapanaum. So, wen Jesus don enter house, e kon ask en disciples, “Wetin una dey tok for road?” 34 But dem nor ansa, bikos wen dem dey kom for road, na who big pass among dem, dem dey argue about.
35 Afta Jesus sidan, e koll en twelf disciples kon tell dem, “If anybody among una won bi first, e go bi di last and e go bi evribody savant.”
36 E kon koll one small pikin stand for dia front. Den e whole di pikin hand, kon sey, 37 “Anybody wey welkom one of dis small pikin bikos of mi, na mi e welkom and anybody wey welkom mi, nor bi mi alone e welkom, but na my Papa wey send mi.”
Pipol Wey Dey Jesus Side
38 John kon tell am, “Tisha, wi si one man wey use yor name dey drive demon komot from inside pipol body and wi kon try to stop am, bikos e nor dey follow us waka.”
39 But Jesus tell dem, “Make una nor stop am, bikos nobody wey use my name do mirakle go fit tok bad tin about mi. 40 Bikos anybody wey nor dey against us, dey for awa side. 41 I tell una true word, anybody wey give yu cup of wota bikos yu dey follow mi, nor go ever luz en reward.
42 “If anybody make one among dis small pikin wey bilive mi kommit sin, e go betta make dem tie big stone for en neck kon trow am inside river. 43 If yor hand go make yu sin, make yu kut am komot! E betta make yu enter inside God Kingdom with one hand, dan to get two hand kon enter hell-fire wey nor go ever kwensh, 44 di place wey get worm wey nor dey die and di fire nor dey kwensh. 45 If yor leg go make yu sin, make yu kut am komot. E betta make yu enter God Kingdom with one leg, dan to get two leg kon enter hell-fire wey nor dey ever kwensh, 46 di place wey get worm wey nor dey die and di fire nor dey kwensh. 47 If yor eye go make yu sin, make yu pul am komot! E betta make yu enter God Kingdom with one eye, dan to get two eye kon enter hell-fire wey nor dey ever kwensh,
48 “di place wey get worm wey nor dey die
and di fire nor dey kwensh.
49 God go try evribody with fire.
50 “Salt good, but if e nor get taste again, how pesin go fit take make am sweet? Make una get salt inside una and make una dey live for peace with each oda.”