Klean And Unklean Pipol
So God tell Moses: “Go kommand Israel pipol sey, ‘Dis na di pipol wey una go remove from di kamp: pipol wey get diziz for skin, doz wey dey discharge and evribody wey nor dey klean, bikos e go tosh dead body. Weda dem bi man or woman, una must porshu dem komot from di kamp, so dat dem nor go make di kamp unklean, bikos God dey stay der with en pipol.’ ” So Israel pipol do wetin God tell dem kon drive dis pipol komot from di kamp.
Payment For Sin
So God tell Moses: “Make yu tell Israel pipol sey, ‘Wen pesin nor dey fear God and e sin against en neighbour, e must konfess and pay for evritin kon add twenty percent join for di pesin wey e sin against. But if di pesin don die and e nor get broda or sista wey di oda pesin go pay give, e go gi-am to God priests. Dis money na with di ram wey dem go take do sakrifice to make di pesin wey sin, holy. Israel pipol ofrins for dia holy tins, go bi di priest own. 10 Evry holy tin from human being go bi di priest own and anytin wey any man give di priest, go still bi di priest own.’ ”
11 God tell Moses: 12 “Make yu tell Israel pipol sey, ‘If any man tink sey en wife nor dey faithful to am 13 sey di woman don dey unklean, bikos e go sleep with anoda man and nobody tok or katch am, 14 den if di husband kon dey jealous or jealousy spirit enter en body and e kon dey suspet en wife sey e dey unklean, 15 di man must take en wife to di priest and e must bring di ofrin wey woman nid to give wey bi: one from evry Efah barley wey dem divide into ten. E nor go pour olive oil on-top or put any incense, bikos di ofrin na for pesin wey yu suspet and yu won know di trut.
16 “ ‘Di priest go take di woman go stand for di altar front. 17 Den e go pour some holy wota for inside one bowl wey dem make with klay kon pak some san wey dey groun for di Tabanako put for di wota den e go bitter. 18 Den e go luz di woman hair kon put di korn ofrin for di woman hand. Di priest go hold di bowl wey di bitter wota wey dey bring curse dey. 19 Den di priest go make di woman swear sey: “If I nor really sleep with who nor bi my husband, di curse wey di wota dey bring, nor go do mi anytin. 20 But if I sleep with man wey nor bi my husband, 21 make God curse mi among di pipol. Make E nor give mi pikin again. 22 As dis wota enter my belle, I nor go fit born again.” Di woman go gri sey make God do am like dat. 23 Den di priest go rite dis curse for di book kon wosh dem for inside di bowl wey get bitter wota.
24 “ ‘Before e go make di woman drink di bitter wota wey go bring curse and pain to am, 25 di priest go take di korn ofrin komot from di woman hand, wave di korn ofrin before God kon take am go di altar. 26 Den di priest go take di korn ofrin wey go full en hand as small ofrin kon burn am for di altar. Afta dis, di woman go drink di bitter wota. 27 If di woman sleep with anoda man, di wota go gi-am betta pain; e nor go fit born again and na curse go follow am among di pipol. 28 But if di woman nor do am, den nor-tin go happen and e go fit born again.
29 “ ‘Dis na jealousy law, about wife wey still dey en husband house kon go sleep with anoda man 30 or wen di man suspet sey en wife dey sleep with anoda man; den di man must make sure sey di woman stand before God, while di priest go do di sakrifice. 31 Di husband go dey free from sin, but di woman go sofa for di sin wey e kommit.’ ”