Special Vow
Den God tell Moses: “Make yu tell Israel pipol sey, ‘If anybody make special vow to bi Nazirite, wey bi to give ensef to God, e must nor drink wine, strong drink or vinegar wey dem make from wine or strong drink; e nor go drink any juice wey dem make with grape and make e nor chop any grape weda na fresh or dry one. As far sey dem bi Nazirite, make dem nor chop anytin wey kom from grape farm, even if na grape seed or skin.
“ ‘As long sey dem don vow to bi Nazirite, dem must nor kut dia hair or shave am. Dem don bilong to God forever, so dem go dey holy and allow dia hair grow. As long as dem don give diasef to God, dem must nor tosh dead body. Dem must nor dirty demsef, bikos of dia papa, mama, broda or sista wey die, bikos na dia hair show sey dem dey holy for God eye. As far sey dem bi Nazirite, dem must dey holy to God.
“ ‘If anybody just die near am and e kon make ensef unklean since e don give ensef to God, den e must shave en hair for di day wen dem dey klean am. E must shave am for di sevent day, so dat e go dey klean. 10 For di eight day, e go bring two dove or two pijin to di priest for di tent door-mot. 11 Di priest go offa one as sin ofrin and di oda as burnt ofrin, bikos e go near dead body, den afta di ofrin, e go dey klean. For dat same time, en hair go dey holy again 12 and e go give ensef back to God as Nazirite. Di time wey e make ensef unklean, nor mean anytin again. E go bring one year man lamb kom as ofrin to pay for en sin.
To Fulfil Vow
13 “ ‘Na Nazirite law bi dis: Wen pesin wey bi Nazirite don finish en vow, e go kon do dis sakrifice. E go-go di tent door-mot 14 kon give God three animals wey dey okay: lamb wey bi one year for burnt ofrin, iyu lamb wey bi one year for sin ofrin and one ram for fellowship ofrin. 15 Dem go still give one basket wey bread wey dem nor make with yist full: kake wey dem make with flower kon mix am with olive oil and biscuit wey dem take olive oil rub plus di korn ofrin and di wine wey dem nid.
16 “ ‘Di priest go give all dis tins to God kon offa di sin and di burnt ofrin. 17 E go sakrifice di ram to God as fellowship ofrin kon offa am with di bread. Di priest go give en own korn and wine ofrin too. 18 For di tent door-mot, di Nazirite go shave en hair kon put am for fire for where dem for dey burn di fellowship ofrin.
19 “ ‘Den, wen dem don boil di ram shoulder, di priest go take am kon put am for di Nazirite hand with one kake and one biscuit from di basket. 20 Den, di priest go give dem as special gift to God; na holy ofrin for di priest, with di ram breast and leg, bikos na di priest own akordin to wetin dem rite for di law. Afta dis, di Nazirite go fit drink wine.’ 21 Wen pesin vow to give ensef and any oda tin as ofrin to God, e go must do evritin wey e promise.”
Priest Blessing
22 God tell Moses: 23 “Make yu tell Aaron and en sons sey, ‘Dis na how una go take bless Israel pipol. Make una tell dem:
24 “ ‘ “God go bless
and protet una;
25 God go dey kind
and good to una;
26 God go look una with favor
kon give una peace.” ’
27 So my name go always dey Israel pipol mout and I go bless dem.”