Lite Di Lamp
God kon tell Moses: “Go tell Aaron sey make e put di seven lamp for where di lite go for dey shine for di lampstand front.” So Aaron do as dem tell am. E put di lamp for di lampstand front, just as God kommand Moses. Dis na how dem take make di lampstand: from di top go rish bottom, dem make am with gold, just as God show Moses.
Separate Levi Pipol
God tell Moses: “Make yu take Levi pipol komot for where Israel pipol dey kon wosh dem, so dat dem go dey holy. Dis na how yu go take make dem holy: Sprinkol di holy wota for dia body, den tell dem sey make dem shave di hair for dia whole body kon wosh dia klot, so dat dem go dey holy. Dem go take one small melu with korn ofrin wey bi fine flower wey dem mix with olive oil; den yu go take anoda small melu for di holy ofrin. Yu go take Levi pipol kom di tent where dem for dey do meetin kon gada all di kommunity for Israel. 10 Yu go take Levi pipol kom where God dey and Israel pipol go put dia hand for Levi pipol head; 11 den Aaron go offa Levi pipol to God as special ofrin from Israel, so dat dem go do God work.
12 “Levi pipol go put dia hand on-top di two melu head; dem go give one as ofrin to klean demsef and di oda one as burnt ofrin, so dat dem go dey holy. 13 Yu go offa Levi pipol to God and Aaron and en sons go kare for dem. 14 So yu go separate Levi pipol from di oda pipol for Israel and Levi pipol go kon bi my own.
15 “Afta dis, Levi pipol go-go do my work for di tent wey dem for dey do meetin. So yu must klean and give dem to God as special ofrin. 16 I don use dem take replace all di first-born for Israel and dem bi my own forever. 17 Wen I kill all di first-born wey dey Egypt, I make all di first sons and animal for Israel holy, so dat dem go bi my own. 18 So I don use Levi pipol replace all di first-born sons for Israel. 19 From among Israel pipol, I don give Levi pipol as gift to Aaron and en sons, so dat dem go do di work wey Israel pipol suppose do for di tent where dem for dey do meetin and dem go guide Israel pipol from di wahala wey go happen if dem go near di sanctuary.”
20 So Moses, Aaron and Israel pipol kon offa Levi pipol, just as God kommand. 21 Levi pipol go klean and wosh dia klot, den Aaron give dem as special gift to God. E still do di sakrifice to make dem holy. 22 Di pipol do all di tins wey God kommand Moses about Levi pipol. So Levi pipol kon dey do di work for di tent where dem for dey do meetin and na Aaron and en sons, bi dia oga.
Levi Pipol Work
23 God tell Moses, 24 “From doz wey bi twenty-five years go among Levi pipol, na dem go do God work for di tent where dem for dey do meetin 25 and dem go ritaya wen dem don rish fifty years. 26 Dem fit help dia brodas for di work; dey give dem wetin dem wont, but make dem nor do any work. Dis na wetin yu go tell Levi pipol to do koncerning dia work for di sanctuary.”