Passova Law
God tell Moses for Sinai Wildaness sey, “For di first mont for di sekond year afta dem don komot from Egypt: Israel pipol must do di Passova for di rite time. For di fourteent day for dis mont, wen evening don rish, una go do di Passova; una must keep am akordin to di rule and kommand.”
So Moses tell Israel pipol sey make dem dey do di Passova. And dem kon do di Passova for di fourteent day for evening and na di first mont for Sinai Wildaness, just as God kommand Moses.
Some pipol wey nor dey klean, bikos dem go tosh dead body, nor fit keep di Passova for dat day. So dem go meet Moses and Aaron kon sey, “Even doh wi nor dey klean, bikos wi tosh dead body, wi nor go fit join Israel pipol give God ofrin?”
Moses ansa dem, “Make una wait until God go tell mi wetin I go do.”
God tell Moses: 10 “Make yu tell Israel pipol sey, ‘If any of una or una shidren nor dey klean, bikos e go tosh dead body or e waka go far place, but e still wont keep di Passova, 11 e go fit do am, but e go bi di fourteent day for di sekond mont for evening; di bread wey dem nor make with yist, dem go chop am with bitter leaf. 12 Dem must nor leave any food till morning, or break any part for en bone; dem must do am akordin to di Passova law. 13 If pesin dey klean and e nor travel, but e nor gri keep di Passova, make una remove am from among my pipol, bikos e nor give mi di ofrin for di rite time. E must sofa for di sin wey e kommit.
14 “ ‘If strenja wey dey with una won keep di Passova, dem must do am akordin to all di rules and law. Na di same law di strenja and una own pipol go obey.’ ”
God Word
15 For di day wen dem build di Tabanako finish, di kloud kon kover di Tabanako and di Kovenant Box and from evening go rish morning, di kloud bi like fire for evriwhere for di Tabanako. 16 Dis na how e always bi: Di kloud go kover am for day time and fire go kover am for nite. 17 Wen ever di kloud komot from di Tabanako, Israel pipol go kontinue dia journey and anywhere wey di kloud for kom down, Israel pipol go kamp for der. 18 Just as God kommand, Israel pipol go travel or stay one place and as long as di kloud still dey di Tabanako, dem nor go-go anywhere. 19 Wen di kloud don stay for di Tabanako tey, Israel pipol go do evritin wey God kommand dem and dem nor go travel. 20 Wen di kloud dey for di Tabanako for some days, dem go dey dia kamp, just as God kommand dem. 21 Sometaims, di kloud dey only kom down from evening till morning and wen di kloud don go for morning, dem go kon kontinue dia journey. Weda na day time or nite, wen ever di kloud nor dey, dem go travel. 22 Weda na for two days, one mont, one year or if e tey pass so, as long as di kloud still kover di Tabanako, dem nor go komot go anywhere; but wen di kloud nor dey, dem go kontinue dia journey. 23 Just as God kommand, dem go stay for one place or travel, bikos dem dey obey di words wey God kommand Moses.