Israel Pipol Komplain
Di pipol kon dey komplain to God about dia problem. Wen God hear dem, E vex, so E send fire kom from heaven kon burn and distroy some part for di kamp. Di pipol kry go meet Moses make e help dem; so Moses pray to God and di fire kon stop. So dem kon koll dat place “Taberah” bikos na for der God fire take burn di pipol.
Komplain About Food
Some yeye pipol wey travel with Israel pipol, get long-trot for meat and dem kon make Israel pipol dey komplain sey: “How wi wish sey wi fit just get some meat chop! Wen wi dey for Egypt, wi dey chop any fish wey wi wont for free. Remember di cucumber, wotamelon, leeks, onions and di garlic dem wey wi dey chop. But naw, wi don dry finish. Nor-tin dey to chop, unless dis manna wey wi dey chop evriday!”
(Manna bi like small-small seed wey en kolour na lite yellow. Di pipol go-go gada am for groun kon grind or pound am for mortar; den dem go take am bake kake. Di kake dey taste like fresh olive oil. And wen di dew dey fall for nite, di manna dey kom with am.)
Moses And God
10 Moses hear kry for evry family among di pipol; evribody dey for dia tent door-mot; so Moses nor dey happy, bikos God dey vex with dem. 11 So Moses tell God, “Why Yu dey trit mi like dis? Why Yu sey make I kare for dis pipol? 12 Nor bi mi kreate or born dem o-o! Why Yu go tell mi sey make I kare and karry dem for my hand like sey dem bi small pikin? Na so I go take karry dem go rish di land wey Yu promise dia grand-grand papa? 13 Na where I go for get meat for all dis pipol, bikos dem dey kry give mi sey, ‘Make yu give us meat make wi chop?’ 14 I nor go fit karry all dis pipol by mysef! Di load two heavy for only mi! 15 E betta sey make Yu kill mi, dan sey make Yu dey trit mi like dis. If really sey Yu dey good to mi, den make Yu allow dis trobol pass mi.”
God Ansa
16 God ansa Moses, “Make yu gada seventy men among di eldas for Israel wey yu know sey bi leaders among di pipol, den bring dem kom di Tabanako with yu. 17 I go kom down kon tok with yu, I go take some of di Spirit wey dey inside yu kon put am inside dem and dem go help yu karry some of di wahala so dat yu nor go karry am on yor own.
18 “Make yu tell di pipol make dem klean demsef, bikos dem go get meat to chop tumoro. God don hear una komplain and kry for meat and as una dey sey, ‘Wi dey okay for Egypt before!’ Naw, God go give una meat chop. 19 Una go chop am, nor bi only for one day or two; or five, ten or twenty days, 20 but na for one full mont. Una go chop am until meat go kom out from una nose kon make una dey sick, bikos una rijet God wey dey among una kon dey komplain sey, ‘Wi nor for komot from Egypt o-o.’ ”
21 But Moses ansa God, “I get 600,000, sojas with mi and Yu still dey sey, ‘I go give dem meat for one full mont!’ 22 Even if wi kill all awa animals, dem go rish us chop? Even if wi katch all di fish wey dey di sea, e go rish di pipol?”
23 Den God ansa, “So yu tink sey God hand short well-well? Naw, yu go si weda my word go happen or not!”
24 So Moses komot go tell di pipol wetin God tok. E kon pick seventy men wey bi leaders for Israel wey go follow am stand for di Tabanako. 25 God kom down for di kloud kon tok to dem. E take some of di Spirit wey dey inside Moses kon put dem inside di seventy men. Wen di Spirit enter dem, dem kon dey profesai, but dem nor do like dat again.
Eldad And Medad
26 Two out of di seventy men, Eldad and Medad kon stay for di kamp and dem nor go where di Tabanako dey. But di Spirit enter dem for where dem dey and dem kon start to profesai too. 27 One yong man run go tell Moses wetin Eldad and Medad dey do.
28 Den Joshua wey Nun born, wey dey help Moses since e dey yong kon tell Moses sey, “My oga, make yu stop dem!”
29 Moses ansa, “Yu dey jealous? I for wish sey God give en Spirit to all en pipol, so dat all of dem go dey profesai!” 30 Den Moses and di seventy leaders kon go back to di kamp.
Kwail Bird
31 Den God send breeze wey karry one kind bird wey dem dey koll kwail from di sea kom and dem fall kon high rish three fit for di groun. Dem dey evriwhere for di kamp, even for far-far place and for evry direcshon. 32 So for dat day, for nite and di next day, di pipol kon dey gada di bird. Nobody gada less dan 1,000 kilogram. Dem spread dem round di kamp, so dat dem go dry. 33 As dem still dey chop di meat, God kon dey vex with di pipol, so E send sickness go meet dem. 34 So dem kon name dat place Kibrot Hattaavah (Long-trot Grave), bikos na der dem for beri di pipol wey dey ask of meat.
35 From der, di pipol travel go Hazerot kon kamp and stay der.