Miriam And Aaron Oppoz Moses
Den Miriam and Aaron kon tok against Moses, bikos e go marry one woman from Ethiopia. Dem kon sey, “Na only thru Moses God dey tok to us? E neva still tok thru us too?” But God hear dem. (Naw, na Moses honbol pass anybody wey dey di eart.)
God Ansa
At wons, God tell Moses, Aaron and Miriam sey: “Make una three kom meet mi for di Tabanako.” So dem kon go. God kom down inside kloud, stand for di tent gate; den E koll Aaron and Miriam and di two of dem waka go front. God tell dem, “Make una listin to mi:
“If anybody bi profet among una,
mi God go show mysef to am thru vishon
kon tok with am for dream.
My savant Moses nor bi like dat;
e dey faithful for my house.
So I go tok with am face-to-face
and nor bi with word wey e nor go undastand
and e go si as God bi.
So wetin make una nor dey fear
to tok against my savant Moses?”
God kon dey vex with dem so E komot der. 10 Wen di kloud komot di tent, leprosy kon full Miriam body like snow. Den Aaron look Miriam, kon si sey leprosy full en body!
Moses Beg For Dem
11 So Aaron tell Moses, “My oga, abeg, nor let us sofa dis ponishment bikos of awa foolish sin. 12 Nor let us mi bi like pikin wey don die, wey e flesh don rotin before dem born am.” 13 Den Moses kry to God kon sey, “My God, abeg make Yu listin to am.” 14 God tell Moses, “If to sey na en papa just spit for en face, dem nor go disgrace am for seven days? So make e komot form di kamp for seven days and afta, e fit kom back.” 15 So dem porshu Miriam komot di kamp for seven days and di pipol nor travel until dem bring am kom back. 16 Den di pipol komot from Hazerot kon go kamp for Paran Wildaness.