Di Red Melu
God tell Moses and Aaron: “Dis na my kommand: ‘Make una tell Israel pipol make dem bring red melu wey dey okay and wey dem neva use take work before. Dem must gi-am to Eleazar wey bi priest, so dat e go karry am komot from di kamp, den dem go kill-am for en present. Priest Eleazar go take some of di blood with en finger kon sprinkol am seven times evriday for front of di tent where dem for dey do meetin. Di full animal, plus di skin, meat, blood and intestine, dem go burn am for di priest present. Den di priest go take cedar wood, hyssop leaf and one red rope kon put dem for fire. Di priest go wosh en klot kon baf with wota, den e go fit enter di kamp, but di priest go dey unklean till evening. Di pesin wey burn di melu must wosh en klot with wota kon baf, but e go dey unklean till evening. Den di man wey dey klean, go kollect di melu ashes kon go keep dem for klean place for outside di kamp and Israel pipol go use dem take prepare di wota wey dem go take make pipol holy. Dem dey do dis sakrifice to remove sin. 10 Di man wey gada di ashes must wosh en klot, but e go dey unklean till evening. Dis law na forever both for Israel pipol and di strenjas wey dey stay with dem.
Dead Body
11 “ ‘Anybody wey go tosh dead body go dey unklean for seven days. 12 E must use klean wota take klean ensef for di third and sevent day, den e go dey holy. But if e nor klean ensef for di third and sevent day, e nor go dey holy. 13 Anybody wey tosh human being dead body and e nor klean ensef, don dirty Oga God temple. So make una drive dat pesin komot from Israel pipol, bikos dem nor klean am with di wota wey dem dey use klean pipol wey nor klean.
14 “ ‘Na di law bi dis: “If anybody die for di tent, evribody wey dey di tent wen di pesin die or wey enter, go dey unklean for seven days. 15 And evry kontaina for di tent wey nor get kover, go dey unklean.” 16 Anybody wey tosh pesin wey dem kill with swod for war or anybody wey tosh dead body, human being bone or grave, go dey unklean for seven days.
17 “ ‘Pesin wey dey klean go take some of di ashes from di melu wey dem burn for sin kon put am for pot, den pour fresh wota inside. 18 Den e go bring hyssop leaf, deep am for wota kon sprinkol am for di tent, evritin for inside; for di pipol wey dey der and for di pesin wey tosh dead body, pesin bone or grave. 19 For di third and sevent day, di pesin wey dey klean go sprinkol di wota for di unklean pesin body. For di sevent day, e go santify di man den di man go wosh en klot kon baf, den e go dey klean for evening. 20 But di man wey nor dey klean or neva klean ensef, go remain unklean, bikos dem neva sprinkol di klean wota for en body. E don spoil Tabanako and dem must separate am from God pipol. 21 Una go obey dis law forever.
“ ‘Di pesin wey sprinkol di klean wota must go wosh en klot and anybody wey tosh di wota go dey unklean till evening. 22 Anytin wey unklean pesin tosh, go dey unklean and any oda pesin wey go tosh am go dey unklean till evening too.’ ”