Israel Pipol Komplain Again
For di first mont, di whole kommunity for Israel go Zin Wildaness kon stay for Kadesh. For der, Miriam die and dem kon beri am.
Wota nor dey, so di pipol kon gada round Moses and Aaron dey komplain sey: “E for betta sey all of us die for di tent for God present! Wetin make yu bring us kom dis wildaness, so dat wi go die with awa animals? Why yu take us komot from Egypt kom dis evil place where nor-tin dey grow? No korn, fig, grape or pomegranate fruit for here. Wota to drink sef nor even dey!”
Moses Ansa
Moses and Aaron komot from di pipol front go enter di tent. Dem bow face groun and God glory kon appear to dem. God tell Moses, “Make yu take di stik and yu and Aaron yor broda go gada di kommunity, den tok to di rock for dia front and wota go kom out. Like dis yu go bring wota out from rock for di pipol, both for dem and dia animals.”
So Moses take di stik from God present, just as God kommand am. 10 En and Aaron kon gada di whole kommunity for di rock front, den Moses sey, “Make una listin! Una wey sturbon well-well! Make wi bring wota out from rock for una?” 11 Den Moses raiz en hand kon nak di rock two times with en stik. Plenty wota rush kom out, den evribody for Israel and dia animals kon drink beleful.
God Judgement
12 Den God tell Moses and Aaron, “Bikos una nor trust mi well-well to show di pipol how I dey holy rish, una nor go take dem enter di land wey I dey give una.”
13 Dis tin happen for Meribah where Israel pipol for komplain against God and God show dem how E dey holy.
Edom Pipol Nor Agri
14 Moses kon send message from Kadesh go give Edom king sey:
“Di message na from yor broda Israel: Yu know all di sofa wey wi dey sofa, 15 how awa grand-grand papa go Egypt where wi stay for many years. How Egypt pipol ponish us and awa grand-grand papa well-well. 16 So wen wi kry to God, E hear awa vois kon send messenja, wey kom take us komot from Egypt.
Naw, wi dey Kadesh, di town wey dey una kountry side. 17 Wi beg make una allow us waka pass una kountry. Wi nor go waka pass una field or vineyard. Wi nor go drink wota from any well. Wi go waka just as di king go tell us. Wi go stay for di main road until wi komot from una aria.”
18 But Edom king ansa,
“Una nor go fit waka pass awa kountry, if una try am, wi go attack una.”
19 Israel pipol kon sey,
“Wi go stay for di main road and if any of us or awa animals drink yor wota, wi go pay for am, wi just won waka pass.”
20 But Edom ansa,
“Una nor go fit waka pass.”
Den Edom kom out kon attack Israel pipol with plenty sojas. 21 Edom nor gri make Israel pipol waka pass, so dem kon waka pass anoda place.
Aaron Die
22 So di whole kommunity for Israel komot from Kadesh go Mount Hor. 23 And God tell Moses and Aaron for Mount Hor, near Edom borda sey, 24 “Aaron nor go enter di land wey I promise to give Israel pipol; e go die, bikos una nor gri obey my kommand for Meribah. 25 Make yu take Aaron and Eleazar en pikin kom Mount Hor. 26 Den remove Aaron priest klot kon wear am for Eleazar, bikos Aaron go die for der.”
27 Moses do wetin God kommand am. Dem kon go Mount Hor for di whole kommunity present. 28 Den Moses remove Aaron priest klot kon wear am for Eleazar. Aaron die on-top di mountin, den Moses and Eleazar kon kom back. 29 Di whole kommunity know sey Aaron don die, den dem kon mourn for am for thirty days.