Israel Pipol Win Hormah
King Arad for Kanaan wey dey stay Negev, hear sey Israel pipol dey kom from Atarim, so e kon attack and kapture some of dem. Den Israel pipol kon make vow to God sey: “If Yu diliver dis pipol give us, wi go distroy dia town.” God hear Israel pipol prayer kon diliver Kanaan pipol to dem and dem distroy dem and dia towns. So dem kon koll dat place, “Hormah.”
Di Snake
Den dem travel from Mount Hor near di Red Sea, go round Edom land, but di pipol kon dey hurry anyhow for road. Di pipol tok against God and Moses sey, “Why Yu take us komot from Egypt make wi for die for dis wildaness wey bread or wota nor dey and wi don taya for dis yeye food.”
So God send snake go bite di pipol and dem many wey die. Den di pipol go meet Moses kon sey, “Wi don sin, bikos wi don tok against God and yu. Make yu pray to God make E take di snake komot from where wi dey.” So Moses kon pray for di pipol.
God tell Moses, “Make yu make snake put on-top pole and anybody wey snake bite wey look am, nor go die.” So Moses make snake with bronze kon put am on-top pole, so dat di pipol wey snake bite, if dem look di snake wey dem make with bronze, dem nor go die.
Moab Pipol
10 Israel pipol travel kon kamp for Obot. 11 Den dem travel from Obot go stay for Iye-Abiram, for di wildaness wey dey before Moab, for di east side. 12 From der, dem kon travel go kamp for Zered Valley. 13 Den dem travel from der go di oda side for Amor for di wildaness wey wide from Amor, bikos Arnon na Moab borda wey dey between Moab and Amor. 14 Dis na why dem rite for God War Book sey,
“Waheb town wey dey Sufah aria and di valleys;
Arnon river, 15 di low valley
wey rish Ar town
klose to Moab boundary.”
16 So from der, dem kon go Beer; dat na di well where God for tok to Moses sey, “Make yu gada di pipol and I go give dem wota.”
17 Den Israel pipol kon sing dis song:
“Make dis well kom up
kon sing to God!
18 Di well wey di princess dig,
wey di leaders open
with dia septa and staff.”
Dem travel from di wildaness go Mattanah; 19 from Mattanah to Nahaliel and from Nahaliel to Bamot. 20 Dem still travel from Bamot go di valley wey dey Moab kountry, on-top Pisgah wey face di wildaness.
King Sihon And King Og
21 Den, Israel pipol send messenja go meet King Sihon wey dey rule Amor sey,
22 “Make yu allow us pass yor land; wi nor go-go di field or vineyard; wi nor go drink wota from yor well, but wi go stay for di main road until wi don komot from yor aria.”
23 But King Sihon nor gri make Israel pipol pass en aria; instead e gada all en sojas kon go attack Israel pipol for di wildaness. Wen e rish Jahaz, e kon fight against Israel pipol. 24 But Israel pipol kill dia enemy well-well kon take di land from Arnon River for nort go rish Jabbok and Ammon side, but Ammon sojas bin guide dia aria well-well. 25 So Israel pipol take all dis towns kon stay for Amor, Heshbon and dia village dem. 26 Heshbon na King Sihon town for Amor. Naw, e don fight against di king wey dey Moab before kon take all en land from der go rish Arnon.
27 Dis na why dem sey,
“Make yu kom Heshbon,
so dat dem go build am.
Make dem build
King Sihon town again!
28 Bikos fire kom out from Heshbon,
betta fire kom out from Sihon town.
E don distroy Ar wey dey Moab
and di ogas wey dey for Arnon.
29 Moab pipol, curse dey una head.
Kemosh pipol, una don skata!
Una make una sons dey run anyhow
and una dotas don turn King Sihon
for Amor, prisonas.
30 Wi don ova pawa dem;
from Heshbon go rish Dibon
and all dia pipol don die finish.
Wi don skata dem go rish Nofah
wey dey near Medeba.”
31 So Israel pipol kon dey stay for Amor pipol land. 32 Moses send men make dem go find di best way to attack Jazer town. Israel pipol katch di town, drive Amor pipol kon dey stay der. 33 Den, Israel pipol turn go pass di road wey lead to Bashan. King Og for Bashan kon go attack Israel pipol for Edrei.
34 God tell Moses, “Make yu nor fear am. I go make yu win en, all en pipol and en land. Make yu do to am wetin yu do King Sihon, di Amor king wey bin dey rule for Heshbon.”
35 So Israel pipol win and kill King Og, en sons and all en pipol, until nobody dey to kill again, den dem kon stay for en land.