Balaam Nor Agri Curse Israel Pipol
Israel pipol kon travel go Moab for Jordan River for di oda side for Jeriko.
Balak wey Zippor born kon si all wetin Israel pipol don do to Amor pipol. So Moab pipol kon dey fear, bikos Israel pipol plenty.
Den Moab pipol tell di eldas for Midian sey, “Dis plenty pipol go kon distroy evritin wey wi get, just as melu take dey chop grass for field.”
Naw, King Balak wey Zippor born wey dey rule Moab pipol for dat time kon send messenjas go koll Balaam wey Beor born for Petor, wey dey near di river for en town sey,
“Si, one nashon don komot from Egypt. Dem plenty well-well for di eart and dem dey stay klose to mi. So, I beg make yu kom help mi curse dis nashon, bikos dem too get pawa pass mi. May bi I go defeat and drive dem komot from di land. Bikos I know sey anybody wey yu bless, blessing go follow am and anybody wey yu curse, curse go follow am.”
So di eldas for Moab and Midian kon karry di curse money go meet Balaam. Dem meet Balaam kon tell am wetin Balak tok.
Balaam ansa dem, “Make una stay here dis nite and I go tell una anytin wey God tell mi.” So di eldas for Moab kon stay with Balaam.
God kom meet and ask Balaam, “Dis men wey dey with yu, na who dem bi?”
10 Balaam ansa, “Balak wey Zippor born, wey bi di king for Moab, naim send dem kom meet mi sey, 11 ‘Si! One nashon don kom out from Egypt and dem plenty well-well for di eart. So make yu kom help mi curse dem; may bi I go fit defeat and drive dem komot from here.’ ”
12 But God tell Balaam, “Make yu nor follow dem go and make yu nor curse di pipol, bikos I don bless dem.”
13 So Balaam get up for morning and e tell di prince dem wey Balak send sey, “Make una go una land, bikos God sey make I nor follow una.”
14 So di prince dem go back kon tell Balak sey, “Balaam nor gri follow us kom.”
Balaam Follow Dem
15 Balak kon send some oda ofisas go again, wey plenty and dey important pass di first ones. 16 Dem go meet Balaam kon tell am,
“Balak wey Zippor born sey: ‘Make yu nor allow anytin stop yu to kom help mi. 17 I go pay yu well and I go do anytin wey yu tok. Abeg make yu kom help mi curse dis pipol.’ ”
18 Balaam ansa, “Even if Balak give mi all di silva and gold wey dey en palis, I nor go fit disobey di Oga my God kommand, even if na for small matter. 19 But I dey beg make una stay dis nite, just as di oda pipol stay, make I si if God go tok anoda tin.”
20 Dat nite God appear to Balaam kon tell am, “If dis men sey make yu follow dem, ready make yu follow dem, but na only wetin I tell yu, na-im yu go do.” 21 So di next day for morning, Balaam enter en donkey kon follow di prince dem from Moab.
God Oppoz Balaam
22 Den God vex sey Balaam follow dem, so God angel kon stand for road to stop am. Naw, Balaam dey drive di donkey and en two savants dey with am. 23 Den di donkey si God angel as e stand for di road with swod for en hand, so di donkey turn face di field. But Balaam beat di donkey, so dat e go turn face road.
24 Den God angel stand for where vineyard dey and wall dey for di two side. 25 Wen di donkey si God angel, e waka near di wall kon press Balaam leg against am. Den Balaam beat am again.
26 God angel go front kon stand for one small place, where road nor dey to turn go rite or go left. 27 Wen di donkey si God angel again, e kon lie down for groun. Den Balaam vex kon beat di am with en stik. 28 So God open di donkey mout and di donkey tell Balaam, “Wetin I do yu wey make yu dey beat mi so? Yu don beat mi three times!”
29 Balaam ansa di donkey, “Na bikos yu make mi look like fool: if to sey I get swod for my hand, I for don kill yu naw.”
30 Di donkey ansa, “Nor bi mi bi di donkey wey yu dey ride since kon rish today? I don ever trit yu like dis?”
Den Balaam ansa, “No.”
31 Den God open Balaam eye and e si God angel as e stand for di road with swod for en hand; so e kon fall face groun.
32 God angel kon tell am, “Wetin make yu beat dis donkey three times? Si, I kom here kon stop yu, bikos wetin yu dey do, I nor like am. 33 Di donkey si mi kon turn from mi three times. If to sey e nor turn from mi, I for kill yu leave di donkey.”
34 Balaam kon tell God angel, “I don sin. I nor know sey yu stand against mi for di road. So if wetin I dey won go do nor dey good for yor eye, I go-go house back.”
35 But God angel ansa, “Make yu go with di men, but na only wetin I tell yu, na-im yu go tok.” So Balaam kon go with di prince dem wey kom from Balak.
Balaam Meet Balak
36 Wen King Balak hear sey Balaam dey kom, e go outside go meet am for Moab town wey dey Arnon boundary for di aria. 37 Balak kon tell Balaam, “Why yu nor kom di first time wen dem kom koll yu? Yu tink sey I nor go fit pay yu?”
38 Balaam ansa am, “Naw I don kom, but I nor get pawa to tok wetin I wont. Na only wetin God tell mi, I go tok.”
39 So Balaam kon follow Balak go Kiriat-Huzot town, 40 where Balak for kill kattle and sheep kon give some meat to Balaam and di prince dem wey dey with am. 41 Den di next morning, Balak kon take Balaam go Bamot Baal where e go for fit si some Israel pipol from far.