Midian War
God tell Moses: “Make yu ponish Midian pipol, bikos of wetin dem do Israel pipol. Afta yu don do am, yu go die.”
So Moses tell di pipol, “Make una ready for war, so dat una go fit attack Midian pipol kon ponish dem for wetin dem do God pipol. From each tribe wey dey Israel, make una send 1,000 men go war.” So dem kon choose 1,000 men from each tribe and all di men wey ready for war, na 12,000.
Komplain About Midian Pipol
So Moses send dem go war and na Finehas wey Eleazar di priest born bi dia leader. Na dis Finehas dey kare for di holy tins and di trumpet wey dem take dey give sign.
Dem attack and kill all di men for Midian, just as God kommand Moses. Dem kill di five kings for Midian wey bi Evi, Rekem, Zur, Hur and Reba. Dem still kill Balaam wey Beor born. Israel pipol katch all di wimen and shidren for Midian kon karry all dia animals, propaty 10 den dem burn dia towns and kamps. 11 Dem take all dia propaty, plus di prisonas and animals 12 go give Moses, Eleazar and Israel pipol near di kamp for Moab wey dey di oda side for Jordan River near Jeriko. 13 Moses, Eleazar and all di oda leaders for di kommunity kon komot from di kamp go meet di sojas.
Midian Wimen
14 Moses vex with di ofisas and di leaders wen dem kom back from di war. 15 So e ask dem, “Why una nor kill all di wimen? 16 Remember sey na dis wimen obey wetin Balaam tok for Peor kon make di pipol sin against God. Dat na wetin curse wahala for God pipol. 17 So naw, make una kill all di boys and wimen wey don sleep with man, 18 but nor kill di girls and wimen wey neva sleep with man before.
Wen War Di End
19 “Naw all of una wey don kill pesin or wey tosh dead body go stay outside di kamp for seven days and for di third and sevent day, make una and di wimen wey una katch klean unasef. 20 Make una klean all una klot and evritin wey dem make with leda, goat hair, or wood.” 21 Eleazar di priest kon tell di men wey kom back from war sey, “Dis na di law wey God give Moses: 22 ‘Na only di gold, silva, bronze, iron, tin, lead 23 and evritin wey go fit pass thru fire, naim una go put for fire, so dat dem go dey holy, but anytin wey una nor fit put for fire, una go-go wosh am with wota. 24 Una must wosh una klot for di sevent day and una go dey holy, den una go fit enter di kamp.’ ”
Dem Share Di Propaty
25 Den God tell Moses: 26 “Make yu, Eleazar and di leaders take di propaty wey dem karry, both pipol and animals 27 kon share di propaty into two. One for doz wey go fight di war and di oda one for di whole kommunity. 28 From di sojas own, make yu take God tax komot; one from evry five hundred prisona and na di same tin for di animals. 29 Make yu give Eleazar all of dem as special ofrin to God. 30 From di ones wey dem give di oda pipol, make yu take one from evry fifty prisona and na di same tin for di animals. Yu go give all of dem to Levi pipol wey dey kare for Tabanako.” 31 So Moses and Eleazar kon do wetin God kommand. 32 All di good tins wey remain from di propaty wey di men wey go war karry, na 675,000 sheep; 33 dem still karry 72,000 kattle, 34 61,000 donkey, 35 plus 32,000 wimen wey neva sleep with man at-all. 36 Di half wey dem share give di sojas
na 337,500 sheep; 37 God tax for di sheep na 675.
38 Di kattle wey dem kount na 36,000; God tax na 72.
39 Di donkey na 30,500; God tax na 61.
40 Di pipol kon bi 16,000, so God tax na 32 pipol.
41 So Moses give di tax wey bi God special ofrin to Eleazar di priest, just as God kommand am. 42 Wetin dem share give di kommunity na di same tin with wetin dem give di sojas. 43 So dem share 337,500 sheep kon give dem to di kommunity, 44 36,000 kattle, 45 30,500 donkey 46 and 16,000 pipol. 47 From evritin wey dem share give di kommunity, Moses take one from evry fifty kon give dem to Levi pipol wey dey kare for Tabanako, just as God kommand.
48 Den di ofisas wey dey kommand di soja kon go meet Moses 49 sey, “Oga God, wi don kount all di sojas wey dey under awa kommand and dem komplete. 50 So wi dey bring di gold ornaments, armlets, bracelets, rings, ear-rings and necklaces wey each of us take. Wi give dem to God as payment for awa life, so dat E go protet us.”
51 Moses and Eleazar kon take all di gold as ornament. 52 All di gold wey di ofisas give to God heavy rish 16,750. 53 Each soja don take propaty for ensef. 54 So Moses and Eleazar di priest kon take di gold from di ofisas go di tent, so dat God go protet Israel pipol.