Reuben And Gad Pipol
Naw Reuben and Gad pipol get many kattle. Wen dem si sey Jazer and Gilead land dey good dem kon go meet and tell Moses, Eleazar and di leaders sey, “Atarot, Dibon, Jazer, Nimrah, Heshbon, Elealeh, Sebam, Nebo and Beon, di land wey God don give Israel pipol dey good for kattle and yor savants get kattle. So wi wont beg make una give us dis land as awa propaty. Make una nor make us cross Jordan River with una.”
Moses Ansa
Moses kon tell Gad and Reuben pipol sey, “Una won stay here make only una brodas go fight war? Why una won diskorage Israel pipol make dem nor cross Jordan River go di land wey God don give dem? Una papa do di same tin wen I send dem from Kadesh Barnea go si di land. Wen dem si di land from Eshkol Valley, dem kon diskorage Israel pipol, so dat dem nor go enter di land wey God don give dem. 10 So God kon dey vex dat day and E swear sey, 11 ‘Bikos dem nor follow mi with all dia heart, no one among dem from twenty years go wey komot from Egypt go si di land wey I promise sey I go give Abraham, Isaak and Jakob, 12 but Kaleb wey Jefunneh from Keniz born and Joshua wey Nun born go enter, bikos dem follow God with all dia heart.’ 13 So God vex for Israel pipol kon make dem waka anyhow for di wildaness for forty years, until all di pipol wey do bad before God, die finish.
14 “Naw si, una don dey won bihave like una papa wey like sin. Una wont make God vex for Israel pipol again. 15 And if una nor follow am, E go leave una again for di wildaness and una go make am distroy odas.”
Wetin Reuben And Gad Pipol Tok
16 Den dem go near Moses kon sey, “Wi go build house here for awa animals and family, 17 but wi go follow awa brodas go war and wi go lead for di attack until dem don setol for di land wey go bi dia own. Awa shidren go dey here for sometaim for di house wey wi build to take protet dem from di pipol wey get di land. 18 Wi nor go-go awa house until all di tribe for Israel don get dia propaty. 19 Wi nor go take any propaty for di oda side for Jordan River or for front, bikos wi don get awa share for dis east side for Jordan River.”
20 Den Moses ansa dem, “If una go fit do dis tin kon dey ready to fight for God present 21 and all una sojas cross Jordan River as God kommand kon attack awa enemies until God defeat dem 22 and wi take di land as awa own, den una fit kom back, bikos una don do di work wey una suppose do for God and for Israel pipol. Den God go give una di land wey dey east for Jordan River.
23 “But if una nor do wetin una promise, I dey warn una, bikos na sin una don kommit against God bi dat. Make una nor konfuse unasef; bikos una go must get di ponishment for una sin. 24 So make una build towns for una shidren and house for una animals, but make una do wetin una tok!”
25 Gad and Reuben pipol kon ansa, “Oga, wi go do wetin yu kommand. 26 Awa wifes, shidren and animals go dey here for Gilead. 27 But all of us don ready to go fight, just as God kommand. Wi go cross Jordan River go fight, just as yu tok.”
28 So Moses give Eleazar, Joshua and di oda leaders for Israel dis kommand sey: 29 “If Gad and Reuben pipol cross Jordan River go fight akordin to God kommand and if una konker di land with dia help, den una go give dem dis land as dia propaty. 30 But if dem nor cross Jordan River and dem nor go fight with una, den na Kanaan land dem go for get dia own land and propaty.”
31 Den Gad and Reuben pipol ansa, “Oga, wi go do wetin God kommand us. 32 Just as E kommand, wi go cross go Kanaan land go fight, so dat wi go get awa propaty for Jordan River east.”
How Moses Divide Di Land
33 So Moses give Gad, Reuben and half for Josef first-born Manasseh tribe, all di aria wey bi Amor king, Sihon own and e still give dem king Og for Bashan own, plus di towns and kountries wey dey round dem. 34 Gad pipol kon ribuild Dibon, Atarot, Aroer, 35 Atrot Shofan, Jazer, Jogbehah, 36 Bet-Nimrah and Bet-Haran as strong towns, den dem make house for dia animals. 37 Reuben pipol kon ribuild Heshbon, Elealeh, Kiriataim, 38 Nebo, Baal-Meon (dem kon shange di name) and Sibmah. Di towns wey dem build, dem kon give dem new names.
39 Makir wey Manasseh born, en shidren go Gilead, drive Amor pipol wey dey stay der kon take di land. 40 So Moses give Gilead to Makir, wey Manasseh born and e kon dey stay der. 41 Naw, Jair wey Manasseh born kon go attack and take some small village and e name dem Havvot-Jair. 42 Den Nobah go attack and take Kenat and en village kon give dem en name, Nobah.