Journey From Egypt To Sinai
Dis na di place dem wey Israel pipol travel go, afta dem komot from Egypt akordin to dia tribe, just as Moses and Aaron kommand dem. Akordin to God kommand, Moses kon rite di names of each place wey dem stay.
Israel pipol komot from Egypt for di fifteent day for di first mont wey bi di day afta di Passova. For Egypt pipol present, dem kon komot from Rameses town and God guide dem. Naw, Egypt pipol beri all dia first-born pikin wey God kill and God still ponish dia juju.
Israel pipol travel from Rameses go Sukkot.
From Sukkot, dem go Etam wey dey klose to di wildaness.
Dem travel from Etam go Pi Hahirot wey dey before Baal-Zefon and dem kon stay near Migdol.
From Pi Hahirot dem travel pass di middle sea go di wildaness kon use three days travel go Etam Wildaness for Marah.
Dem travel from Marah go Elim; twelf wota fountain and seventy palm tree dey for Elim, so dem kon stay der.
10 Dem travel from Elim go stay near di Red Sea.
11 Den from di Red Sea, dem travel go Zin Wildaness.
12 From Zin Wildaness, dem go Dofkah.
13 And from Dofkah, dem travel go Alush.
14 Dem komot from Alush kon travel go Refidim, where wota nor dey for di pipol to drink
15 and from Refidim, dem kon go Sinai Wildaness.
Waka For Di Wildaness
16 Dem travel from Sinai Wildaness go stay Kibrot Hattaavah.
17 From Kibrot Hattaavah, dem kon go Hazerot and
18 from Hazerot, dem travel go stay Ritmah. 19 From Ritmah, dem travel go Rimon-Perez. 20 Dem travel from Rimon-Perez go Libnah. 21 From Libnah, dem kon travel go Rissah. 22 Dem travel from Rissah go Kehelatah. 23 Den dem kon travel from Kehelatah go Mount Shefa. 24 Dem travel from Mount Shefa go Haradah. 25 From Haradah, dem kon travel go Makhelot. 26 Dem travel from Makhelot go Tahat. 27 From Tahat, dem kon go Terah. 28 Dem travel from Terah go Mitcah. 29 And from Mitcah, dem travel go Hashmonah. 30 Dem travel from Hashmonah go Moserot 31 kon from Moserot go Bene Jaakan. 32 Dem travel from Bene Jaakan go Hor Haggidgad 33 kon travel from Hor Haggidgad go Jotbatah. 34 Dem travel from Jotbatah go Abrona. 35 From Abrona, dem kon go Ezion-Geber. 36 Dem travel from Ezion-Geber go Zin Wildaness, wey bi Kadesh.
From Kadesh To Moab
37 Dem travel from Kadesh go Mount Hor wey dey near Edom. 38 Aaron di priest klimb Mount Hor akordin to God kommand and e die for der for di nomba forty years wey Israel pipol komot from Egypt land for di first day for di fift mont. 39 Naw Aaron na one hundred and twenty-three years wen e die for Mount Hor. 40 Arad and Kanaan pipol kings wey dey stay for di sout-side for di land wey dey Kanaan kon hear sey Israel pipol dey kom. 41 Dem travel from Mount Hor go Zalmonah. 42 From Zalmonah, dem travel go Punon 43 and from Punon, dem kon go Obot. 44 Dem travel from Obot go Iye-Abiram, wey dey near Moab. 45 Dem travel from Lim go Dibon 46 kon from der travel go Almon-Diblataim. 47 Dem travel from Almon-Diblataim go Abarim Mountin before Nebo. 48 Dem from Abarim Mountin go Moab plain land near Jordan River for where dem dey cross go Jeriko. 49 Dem kon stay for Jordan River, from Bet-Jeshimot go rish Abel-Shittim for Moab.
Kanaan Borda
50 God tell Moses for Moab near Jordan River wey dey di oda side for Jeriko: 51 “Make yu tell Israel pipol sey, ‘Wen una don cross komot from Jordan River go Kanaan land, 52 una must drive all di pipol wey dey stay di land komot. Make una distroy all dia juju wey dem make with stone or iron and all di place where dem for dey woship di juju. 53 Una must drive all di pipol wey dey stay der komot kon stay for di land, bikos I don gi-am to una. 54 Make una divide di land akordin to di tribe and family wey dey among una. Make una give big propaty to di family wey plenty and small propaty to di family wey nor plenty. 55 But if una nor drive di pipol komot, den dem go dey give una problem and dem go trobol una for di land. 56 If una nor drive dem komot, I go distroy una, just as I plan to distroy dem.’ ”