Israel pipol undastand sey God don place orda for di world wey E make. Proverbs kontain di tins thru di wise-wise words wey awa wise grand-papa dem tok. Na King Solomon rite many of dis words bikos God gi-am wisdom (1 Kings 4:29-34). Most of di proverbs na to help yong pipol know how to live for di world, so dat dem nor go make mistake. Dem tish pipol how dem go follow di good way wey go make dem prosper, get good health and sekurity. As di book dey end, di words wey Agur tell en friends and King Lemuel mama tish am about how kings suppose to rule, kon dey important but na wetin a good wife bi like naim end all di good advise for di book.
Solomon Wise Words
Solomon, David pikin wey bi king for Israel, na-im rite all dis wise word. E rite dem so dat pipol go get wisdom, undastandin and good advise.
Dis words go tish una how to live betta life,
to dey honest and to dey tok trut and korrect word.
Dis words fit make pesin wey nor know anytin get sense
and e go tish yong men how to work and get money.
Make doz wey get sense listin to dis words kon wise more
and make e guide doz wey get undastandin,
so dat dem go fit undastand proverbs, parabols
and wetin wise pipol dey tok.
Advise For Yong Men
For yu to get wisdom, yu most fear God,
but na only foolish pipol dey rijet wisdom and good advise.
My pikin, make yu listin wen yor papa dey korrect yu
and follow wetin yor mama dey tish yu,
bikos wetin dem dey tish yu go bi like betta shain for yor neck
and betta kap for yor head.
10 My pikin, wen sinnas tempt yu,
make yu nor fall for dem.
11 If dem tell yu sey, “Kom make wi go kill pesin!
Make wi just go attack some innocent pipol!”
Make yu nor listin to dem.
12 If dem sey, “Even doh di pipol dey alive and okay naw,
dem go die wen wi don deal with dem finish!
13 Den wi go si plenty good tins
karry kom awa house.
14 So, kom join us
make wi go divide wetin wi tif.”
15 My pikin, make yu nor follow dat kind pipol
or go near dem at-all.
16 Bikos dem dey enjoy to do bad tin
and dem always dey ready to kill.
17 E nor dey good to set trap
wen di bird wey yu won katch dey look yu.
18 But pipol wey dey do like dat,
dey set trap for demsef and na di trap go kill dem.
19 Dis na wetin dey happen to pipol
wey play wayo take get propaty.
20 Wisdom dey koll pipol
for street and inside market,
21 e dey shaut dey koll dem
from di town gate and anywhere wey pipol gada put.
22 Pipol wey nor get sense, na how long una won take bi fool?
Na how long una won take wisdom do yeye?
Una nor won learn at-all?
23 How I wish una go gri listin,
den I for give una good advise kon share my wisdom with una.
24 I dey koll and invite una since,
but una nor gri listin or hear mi.
25 Una nor gri take my advise
or allow mi korrect una.
26 So, I go laf una wen una enter trobol
kon take una do yeye wen wahala start.
27 Dat time, trobol go kom meet una like heavy breeze
and una pain go sirious well-well.
28 Dat time, una go koll mi wey bi wisdom, but I nor go ansa.
Una fit go find mi for evriwhere, but una nor go si mi.
29 Una nor ever get wetin to do with wisdom
and una nor gri obey God.
30 Una nor wont my advise
or listin to mi wen I dey korrect una.
31 So, una go get wetin fit una and wetin una do,
go make una sick.
32 Pipol wey nor know anytin,
dey die bikos dem rijet wisdom
and distroshon go follow doz wey bi fool,
bikos dem feel sey wisdom nor koncern dem.
33 But anybody wey listin to mi,
go dey save and e nor go get rizin to fear.