Blessing Dey Wisdom
Make una hear mi!
Wisdom dey koll pipol and undastandin wont make dem hear en vois.
Dem dey on-top di hill near di road!
Dem stand for di oda side for di road.
Dem dey near di gate dey koll pipol
wey dey enter di town sey:
“Wi dey beg and koll evribody
wey dey di world.
Una wey nor know anytin, make una get wisdom.
Una wey nor wise at-all, make una try get sense.
Make una listin to mi!
I get betta words to tell una and na di rite words I dey tok so.
Wetin I dey tok so, na trut;
bikos I nor dey lie.
Evritin wey I tok na true;
I nor dey lie or dey lead una go die.
My words dey klear and evribody wey get wisdom,
go undastand dem.
10 Instead of silva, make una take my words;
make una choose wisdom, instead of di gold wey fine pass.
11 Na mi bi wisdom; I betta pass gold;
nor-tin una wont wey good each mi.
12 I bi wisdom and I get sense well-well;
I still get knowledge and I dey judge well.
13 If to sey una dey fear God,
den una go hate bad tins.
I hate pride, pipol wey dey tok anyhow,
bad-bad tins and lie-lie words.
14 Kommon sense and suksess na my own.
Na mi get undastandin and pawa.
15 I dey help kings rule well
kon make rulers give korrect laws to dia pipol.
16 All di ruler for dis world dey rule with my help,
even ofisas and prince dem too.
17 I love only doz wey love mi;
anybody wey dey look for mi, go si mi.
18 I get propaty, honor,
betta life and suksess to give pipol wey wont am.
19 Anytin wey una get from mi,
betta pass di gold wey fine pass and silva wey pure well-well.
20 I dey follow korrect judgement
and I always dey do wetin dey rite,
21 and doz wey love mi,
I dey give and pak propaty full dia house.
22 From biginnin, na mi God first kreate,
before E kreate evry oda tin.
23 God kreate mi before di world start.
Na mi E first give life to.
24 Dem born mi before God make di sea
or kreate wota.
25 Dem born mi before God make di mountins,
even before E put di hills for where dem dey.
26 I dey before God kreate di eart,
en fields or even di first san.
27 I dey der wen E put di sky for where e dey
kon draw di boundary between eart and sea.
28 I still dey wen E put di kloud for sky;
open di wota for di sea
29 kon orda sey make di wota wey dey di sea nor full pass as E kommand am.
I dey der wen God lay di eart foundashon.
30 I dey near am like pesin wey dey design house before dem build am.
Na mi dey make am happy evriday and I dey happy for en present.
31 I dey dance for di world wey E kreate
kon dey happy with human being too.
32 So, make yong pipol listin to mi naw
kon do wetin I tok and dem go dey happy.
33 Make una listin to wetin I dey tish una kon get sense.
Make una nor rijet dem.
34 Make blessing follow di pesin wey dey listin to mi.
Evriday, e dey wosh my gate and dey wait mi outside my house.
35 Doz wey find mi, go get life
and God go favor dem.
36 But doz wey nor find mi, dey wound demsef
and anybody wey hate mi, love to die.”