Wisdom And Foolishness
Wisdom don build en house
with seven pilas.
E don kill animals to take do party,
mix spice for inside di wine kon put am for di tabol.
E send en savant go announce
on-top di mountin for di town sey:
“Pipol wey nor know anytin, make una kom inside!”
Den e tell doz wey foolish sey,
“Make una kom chop my food
and drink di wine wey I mix.
Make una komot from where fools dey and una go get life.
Make una kom follow wisdom waka.”
If yu korrect proud pipol, dem go curse yu!
Anybody wey try to tok to wiked pipol, dem go still curse am.
So, nor ever korrect proud pipol, bikos dem go hate yu;
but if yu korrect wise pesin, e go respet yu forever.
Anytin yu tell wise pesin go make am wise more-more.
Anytin yu tell raitious pipol go give dem undastandin.
10 If yu won get wisdom, yu go first fear God.
If yu know di One wey dey holy, den yu don get undastandin.
11 Wisdom go add more years to yor age.
12 Na yu go gain if yu get wisdom,
so even if yu rijet am, na yu go still sofa am.
13 Foolishness bi like woman wey nor know anytin at-all,
nor get shame at-all and wey dey tok anyhow.
14 Di woman go sidan for front of en house
or for chair for di side wey high pass for di town
15 kon dey koll pipol wey dey waka pass;
pipol wey dey mind dia own business sey,
16 “Pipol wey nor get sense, make una kom inside!”
Den e go tell foolish pipol,
17 “Wota wey dem tif dey sweet well-well
and bread wey dem tif chop, get betta taste.”
18 Doz wey fall for en trap nor know sey,
anybody wey enter en house go die
and doz wey don already enter don die since.