Solomon Proverbs
Dis na di wise words wey Solomon tok:
Shidren wey wise dey make dia papa proud,
but fools dey kause pain for dia mama.
Propaty wey yu use wayo take get nor go do yu any good,
but trut go save yu.
God nor go let honga kill good pipol
and E nor go allow wiked pipol get wetin dem wont.
Lazines go make yu poor,
but hard work go make yu get money well-well.
Pesin wey get sense dey plok en fruit for di rite time;
but na disgrace for pesin to dey sleep for harvest time.
Blessing dey follow good pipol,
but wiked pipol words dey put dem for trobol.
Pipol go remember good pesin bikos of di good tins wey e do,
but dem go soon forget wiked pesin forever.
Pipol wey get sense dey happy well-well wen dem advise dem,
but foolish pipol words go distroy dem.
Pipol wey dey tok trut dey save and sikure,
but wayo pipol dey waka enter trobol.
10 Pesin wey dey hide di trut dey kause trobol,
but pesin wey dey tok am for publik,
dey work for peace.
11 Good pesin word dey give long life,
but wiked pesin word dey put am for trobol.
12 Na only trobol bad belle dey kause,
but love dey kover evry sin.
13 If pesin get sense, e dey show wen e dey tok,
but if yu dey foolish, na stik dem go take beat yu.
14 Wise pipol dey kollect all di wisdom wey dem fit get,
but wen yu hear foolish pipol dey tok,
yu go know sey trobol nor dey far from dem.
15 Money dey protet rish pipol,
but poverty dey distroy poor pipol.
16 Na life bi di reward to do good,
but sin dey put pesin for more trobol.
17 Pipol wey dey listin if dem korrect dem go get long life,
but doz wey nor dey gri sey dem dey wrong,
dey waka lost.
18 Anybody wey pritend sey e like pesin,
dey lie and anybody wey dey lie waka, na fool.
19 Too mush tok dey make pesin sin,
but wise pesin nor dey tok anyhow.
20 Di words wey betta pesin tok bi like pure silva,
but wiked pipol words dey yuzles.
21 Many pipol dey gain from word wey betta pesin tok,
but stupid word fit kill pesin.
22 Wen God bless pesin, e dey get enough
and nor-tin go make am regret.
23 Foolish pipol dey enjoy di bad tins wey dem dey do,
but pipol wey get sense, dey happy to get wisdom.
24 Raitious pipol dey get wetin dem wont,
but wetin wiked pipol dey get, na di tin wey dem fear pass.
25 Wen heavy breeze dey blow, e go blow wiked pipol trowey,
but pipol wey dey tok trut, dey always dey save.
26 Nor allow lazy pesin work for yu,
bikos e go bi like betta wine for yor mout
or like smoke wey enter yor eye.
27 Obey God and yu go get long life;
bikos wiked pipol dey die before dia time.
28 Di hope wey good pipol get, dey give dem joy,
but wiked pipol, nor get wetin dem dey hope for.
29 God dey protet pipol wey dey tok trut,
but doz wey dey do bad tins, na distroshon bi dia own.
30 Raitious pipol go always dey save,
but wiked pipol nor go stay long for dis world.
31 Raitious pipol dey tok with sense,
but anybody wey dey tok bad tins, go die.
32 If yu obey God, yu go always know di rite words to tok.
But nobody go trust yu if yu always dey lie.