E betta to chop dry bread with peace of mind,
dan to get plenty food for house with kworel.
Savant wey dey bihave well go get pawa for di house pass en oga yuzles pikin
and di savant go get share for di oga propaty.
Na fire dem take dey test gold and silva,
but na God dey test pesin heart.
Wiked pipol dey listin to bad advise and doz wey dey lie,
dey listin to lie-lie.
If yu dey laf poor pipol, den yu dey curse God wey kreate dem,
so pesin wey dey happy sey odas fall, God go ponish am.
Papa and mama dey-dey proud of dia grand-shidren,
bikos na shidren bi dia papa and mama crown.
Since betta words nor fit kom out from fool mout,
how e go bi for leaders wey dey lie.
Some pipol tink sey bribe dey work like majik;
dem bilive sey e fit do anytin wey dem wont.
If yu wont make pipol like yu, den forgive dem if dem do yu bad.
Remember sey bad tin fit skata friendship.
10 Pesin wey get sense dey take korreshon
if dem korrect am wons,
but foolish pesin go only take korreshon
afta dem don beat am well-well.
11 Deat go kom meet wiked pipol
wey dey always kause trobol.
12 E betta make wiked animal attack pesin,
dan to listin to wetin foolish pesin dey tok.
13 If yu use bad take pay good,
den bad tin nor go ever komot from yor house.
14 To start kworel bi like wen yu leave wota make e dey rush;
so e go good make yu stop am, before e go kause big wahala.
15 God nor like pipol wey dey defend wiked pipol
and kondemn doz wey dey innocent.
16 Foolish pesin nor get time to spend en money to get wisdom,
bikos e nor undastand wetin wisdom bi.
17 Betta friend dey always show en love
and yor relashon go always dey with yu wen yu dey face wahala.
18 Na only pesin wey nor get sense
go promise to pay anoda pesin debt.
19 Pesin wey like to dey kworel,
like trobol and If yu always dey karry body up,
den yu dey kause wahala for yorsef.
20 Make doz wey dey tink and tok bad-bad tins
nor espect any good tin escept trobol.
21 Papa and mama wey dia shidren dey do like fool,
na only sadnes and pain dem dey feel.
22 Happiness dey give yu good life,
but sadnes dey make pesin die small-small.
23 Wiked judge dey take bribe for sekret and bikos of dat,
dem nor go give korrect judgement.
24 Pesin wey get sense dey tink and do good tins one-by-one,
but foolish pipol dey start many tins at wons.
25 Foolish shidren dey kause pain for dia papa
and dia mama go dey regret.
26 E nor good make dem flog innocent pesin
and e dey bad to ponish who dey do good.
27 Doz wey dey sure of demsef nor dey tok anyhow
and kwayet pipol dey undastand tins well.
28 Pipol go tink sey foolish pesin get sense wen e kwayet and wen e nor tok,
e go bi like pesin wey wise.