Pipol wey nor kare about odas, dey tink only about demsef;
so dem nor go gri take korreshon from oda pipol.
Foolish pesin nor dey worry weda e undastand sometin or not;
di only tin wey dey en mind, na to show how e wise rish.
Na sin and shame dey waka togeda.
Wen yu luz yor honor, pipol nor go respet yu again.
Word wey pesin tok fit give yu sense wey deep like sea
and fresh like river wey dey flow.
E nor good to favor who do bad,
bikos good pipol nor go get korrect judgement.
Wen foolish pesin start to argue,
na trobol e dey put ensef.
Foolish pesin word dey distroy am;
na en own mout dey put am for trobol.
To do aproko, dey good well-well for mout wen yu dey tok am,
bikos e dey sweet for body.
Lazy pesin bad like pesin
wey dey distroy tins.
10 God name na strong place to hide put,
raitious pipol dey run enter and dem dey-dey save.
11 Rish pipol dey tink sey di propaty wey dem get go protet dem
like strong high wall wey dey round di town.
12 Respet dey kom before honor;
but distroshon dey wait for proud pipol.
13 Make yu dey listin well before yu ansa,
If not, e go bi like sey yu bi stupid pesin wey nor get respet.
14 Di mind to live fit enkourage pesin wen e dey sick,
but if e nor get strong mind, e nor get hope bi dat.
15 Wise pesin dey always look for knowledge
and en mind dey find wisdom.
16 If yu won go meet important pesin,
den karry gift follow body and e go dey eazy for yu to tok to am.
17 Di first pesin to tok for kourt dey always dey rite,
until di oda pesin ask am kweshon.
18 If men wey get pawa dey tok against each oda for kourt,
to trow dice fit solve di matter.
19 To make peace with yor broda wey yu offend,
hard pass to break enter town wey dem guide well-well
and kworel, dey separate friends
like gate wey dem lock with key.
20 Wen yu tok betta words, belle go sweet yu,
so make yu let good word kom out from yor mout
and yu go dey happy.
21 Wetin yu tok fit save or distroy yor life.
So yu must asept di result of wetin yu tok.
22 Man wey find good woman kon marry am,
don si good tin and God go favor and bless am.
23 Poor man dey honbol ensef as e dey tok,
but rish pipol dey ansa and tok anyhow.
24 Friendship if put yu for trobol,
but some friends go dey klose to yu pass yor own broda.