E betta make pesin dey poor and get good karata,
dan make e bi fool wey nor get trut for mout.
To wont betta life without wisdom nor good;
bikos yu go enter trobol if yu nor dey patient.
Wen pesin distroy ensef with di stupid tins wey e do,
e go kon blame God.
Rish pipol dey always get new friends,
but poor man nor fit keep di small ones wey e get.
If yu bi lie-lie witness, dem go ponish yu
and yu nor go fit eskape.
Evribody dey try make dem gain favor for rish pesin front,
just as evribody dey won bi friend to doz wey fit help dem.
Man wey nor get money, nor get value for en brodas hand, even en friends dey run from am.
Aldo e dey beg dem, but dem nor dey ansa am.
Do good to yorsef kon learn evritin wey yu fit learn;
den remember wetin yu learn and yu go prosper.
Anybody wey tok lie for wetin e nor know, nor go fit eskape ponishment
and na di lie go kill-am.
10 Make foolish pipol nor dey spend money anyhow
and make savant nor rule leaders.
11 If yu get sense, yu go fit kontrol yor tempa.
E dey good make yu nor ansa if pesin offend yu.
12 Wen king vex, e bi like lion wey dey shaut,
but if e favor yu, e bi like rain wey dey fall.
13 Foolish shidren fit distroy dia papa and mama,
na so too, wife wey dey komplain well-well,
bi like rain wey dey drop small-small.
14 Pesin fit inherit en papa and mama propaty,
but na only God fit gi-am wife wey get sense.
15 If yu like, dey lazy and dey sleep anyhow,
but make yu know sey honga go soon kom kill yu.
16 Keep God kommandment and yu go get long life;
but yu go die, if yu nor follow dem.
17 Wen yu give sometin to poor pipol,
e bi like sey God dey borrow from yu
and God go pay yu evritin wey E borrow.
18 Train yor pikin well wen dem still dey yong to learn;
if yu nor do like dat, yu dey help dem distroy dia life.
19 If pesin get hot tempa, make e ready for anytin wey go happen,
bikos If yu take am komot from trobol wons,
yu go still do am again.
20 If yu dey listin to advise and dey ready to learn,
yu go wise one day.
21 Pipol fit plan difren-difren tins,
but na wetin God tok, go happen.
22 Wetin important pass na to dey loyal.
E betta make yu dey poor, den to dey lie waka.
23 Obey God and yu go get long life;
yu go dey happy and dey save from trobol.
24 Some pipol too lazy to put food
for dia own mout.
25 E good make dem ponish who dey karry body up,
so dat pipol wey nor know anytin, go get sense.
As wise pesin, yu go get more wisdom
wen yu take korreshon.
26 Na only pesin wey nor get shame go trit en papa anyhow
or nor go allow en mama kom en house.
27 My pikin, if yu stop to learn,
yu go forget evritin wey dem tish yu.
28 If witness for kourt dey tok wetin e nor si,
den di judge nor go fit judge well.
Wiked pipol like to dey do evil tins.
29 Just as dem dey beat foolish pesin,
na so too dem go ponish doz wey dey karry body up.