Too mush drink dey make pesin tok and bihave anyhow
and pesin wey dey drink too mush, nor get sense.
Wen king vex, e bi like lion wey dey shaut;
to make am vex, mean sey yu won kill yorsef.
Na only foolish pesin dey start kworel;
so di rite tin to do, na to run from am.
Farmer wey lazy well-well to klear en farm for di rite time,
nor go get anytin to harvest.
Betta advise for pesin heart bi like wota for inside deep well,
but pesin wey get wisdom go draw am kom out.
Some pipol dey tok how dem dey honbol and faithful,
but e go hard to find pesin wey really bi like dat.
Good pipol dey always do di rite tin
and God dey bless dia shidren.
Wen king sidan for en throne dey judge,
e dey fit know bad tin wen e si am.
E get anybody wey fit sey en mind klean well-well
and e nor dey sin?
10 God hate pipol wey dey weigh
and measure tins with wayo.
11 Even shidren dey show who dem bi with wetin dem dey do;
den yu go fit know if dem good and dey honest.
12 Na God give us eyes to si tins
and ear to hear word.
13 If na so-so sleep yu dey sleep, na poverty go kill yu.
But if yu dey work hard, yu go get plenty food to chop.
14 Pesin wey dey buy sometin go sey,
“Dis tin too dear! E too dear!”
But afta e don buy am, e go-go make mout sey
“Dis tin wey I buy so, cheap well-well.”
15 To tok with wisdom,
betta pass to get gold and silva.
16 Anybody wey promise sey e go pay strenja debt,
make una hold en propaty until e pay am.
Make una hold di propaty if e dey do am
for pesin wey kom from anoda kountry.
17 Bread wey pesin tif dey sweet for mout,
but e go bi like stone for en belle.
18 Make yu dey sure sey dem advise yu well,
before yu make any plan or go start war.
19 Pesin wey dey do aproko nor go fit keep sekret.
So make yu run from pesin wey dey tok too mush.
20 If yu curse yor papa and mama,
yor life go end like lantan wey kwensh for darkness.
21 Propaty wey pesin use wayo take kwik get for life,
nor dey last.
22 Nor do bad to pesin wey do yu bad,
but make yu trust God and E go save yu.
23 God nor like pipol wey dey weigh
and measure tins with wayo.
24 Na God dey direct pesin;
so how pesin won use en own mind take know as en life go bi?
25 E nor good make yu promise God
wetin yu know sey yu nor go do.
26 Wise king dey skata wiked pipol like flower
kon ride horse on-top dem.
27 God lite dey enter human being spirit
kon open all di plans wey dem get.
28 Love wey nor dey fail and goodness dey protet di king
and na dis love dey make en throne dey forever.
29 Yong pipol glory dey dia strent;
so make una respet di white hair wey old pipol get.
30 Korrect ponishment dey drive evil komot from pesin mind
kon make en heart klean.