Evry king heart dey God hand;
just as E dey show river how e go take flow,
na so too E dey kontrol kings mind.
Pesin fit tink sey evritin wey e dey do dey korrect,
but remember sey God dey judge evritin wey wi dey do.
Instead of sakrifice, make pesin do wetin good and korrect;
tins wey go make belle sweet God.
Na pride dey kontrol wiked pipol
and anytin wey kom out from dem, na sin e bi.
If yu plan with kare, yu go prosper;
but if yu rush dey plan, na poverty go end am.
Di money wey yu use wayo take get go disappear,
but dat go bi afta e don push yu put for deat hand.
Na di wahala wey wiked pipol kause dey distroy dem,
bikos dem nor gri do wetin dey good.
Bad belle pipol nor gri do wetin dey rite;
but innocent pipol dey do wetin dey good.
E betta make yu stay on-top house
dan to stay with wife wey dey komplain well-well.
10 Wiked pipol dey always like to do wiked tins,
so dem nor dey pity for anybody.
11 Wen God ponish pipol wey dey karry body up,
even pesin wey nor dey tink, dey learn lesin.
If dem tish wise pesin,
e go wise well-well.
12 God wey dey raitious know all wetin dey happen inside wiked pipol house
and E go distroy dem.
13 If yu nor gri listin to poor pipol kry,
dem nor go hear yor own kry for help.
14 If pesin dey vex for yu;
gift wey yu gi-am for sekret go kool en tempa.
15 Good pipol dey happy wen dem give korrect judgement,
but wiked pipol hope dey die.
16 Pesin wey nor gri asept wisdom,
go die kon go where dead body dey.
17 Pipol wey dey always spend dia money take drink and chop anyhow,
nor go ever get plenty money.
18 Di wahala wey wiked pipol bin won kause for good pipol,
na dem dey use dia own head karry am.
19 E betta to stay desert
dan to stay house with wife wey dey komplain well-well.
20 Wise pesin fit get plenty money and dey enjoy ensef,
but as soon as foolish pipol get dia money,
dem go spend am anyhow.
21 Make yu dey do good and tok trut and yu go get long life;
den odas go respet and trit yu well.
22 Wise pesin go fit take town wey strong men dey guide
kon distroy di wall wey bi dia hope.
23 If yu nor won enter trobol,
make yu tink before yu tok.
24 Pesin wey dey karry body up and do wayo,
nor dey kare about oda pipol.
25 Lazy pipol wey nor gri work dey kill demsef and
26 na wetin dem go like get, dem dey always tink about,
but good pipol sabi give well-well, bikos dem nor stingy.
27 God nor like wen wiked pipol dey offa sakrifice gi-am,
bikos dem dey do am with bad belle.
28 Pipol nor dey bilive anytin wey lie-lie pesin tok,
but pesin wey dey tink before e tok, dem dey bilive en word.
29 Good pipol dey-dey sure of demsef;
but wiked pipol sabi pritend well-well.
30 Yor wisdom, brain and undastandin
nor mean anytin if God dey against yu.
31 Pesin fit ready en horse sey e dey go fight war,
but na only God go gi-am viktory.