Solomon Proverbs
Dis na some of Solomon oda wise words and na King Hezekaya men for Judah kourt, rite dem down.
Na God get di pawa to hide tins,
but na kings dey fit find and esplain dem to pipol.
Nobody fit know wetin kings dey tink.
Just as sky high well-well and as sea deep rish,
na so too dia mind bi.
Make yu remove dirty from silva,
den yu go fit use am take make oda fine tins.
Nor let bad advisers near di king,
so dat pipol go know am bikos e dey judge well.
Wen yu stand for king front, nor try to impress am
or pritend sey yu bi betta pesin,
bikos e go good sey,
make en ensef tell yu to sidan for high pozishon,
na sey make e gi-am to anoda pesin wey dey important pass yu.
Nor kwik karry matter go kourt,
bikos if anoda witness show sey na yu dey wrong,
den, na wetin yu go do?
If yu and yor neighbour dey argue about sometin,
e go good make una setol am between unasef
and make yu nor tok about una sekret for publik.
10 If not, evribody go know sey yu nor fit keep sekret
and yu nor go ever forget di shame wey go katch yu.
11 Bikos betta words wey dem tok well,
bi like gold wey dem take dekorate silva.
12 Wen wise pesin advise pesin wey ready to listin, wetin e tok,
betta pass fine gold ring or necklace.
13 As kold wota dey sweet for dry sizin,
na so too savant wey pesin fit trust,
dey make belle sweet di pesin wey send am.
14 Pipol wey dey promise and fail bi like kloud
and heavy breeze wey nor dey bring rain.
15 Na patient and gentol tok,
pesin dey take beg kings
and na sweet mout dey setol sirious wahala.
16 Nor chop honey too mush bikos e sweet,
so dat yu nor go vomit,
bikos yu too chop am.
17 Make yu nor dey too visit yor neighbour,
bikos dem fit taya kon hate yu.
18 To lie for pesin head bi like to kill pesin with swod,
wound am with sharp arrow or shot am.
19 Like tit wey dey pain pesin or leg wey don break,
na so too e bi to trust pesin wey nor dey sirious wen trobol kom.
20 To sing for pesin wey nor get peace for mind,
bi like sey yu dey remove en klot from en body
wen kold dey or rub salt put for en sore.
21 If yor enemy dey hongry,
make yu gi-am food chop and if e dey thirsty,
make yu gi-am wota drink,
22 bikos as yu do like dis,
yu go make shame katch am and God go reward yu.
23 Just as heavy breeze from nort dey bring rain,
na so too aproko dey make pesin vex well-well.
24 E betta make yu stay on-top house,
dan to stay with wife wey dey komplain well-well.
25 To hear good news from land wey far,
bi like wen pesin pour kold wota or drink for en body.
26 Wen good pesin listin to wetin bad pesin dey tok,
e go bi like wota wey nor good or well wey get poizin.
27 Just as too mush honey nor good for yu, na so too,
to make pipol dey praiz yu well-well, nor good.
28 If yu dey vex anyhow and nor fit kontrol yorsef,
yu bi like town wey nor get fence at-all
and wey dey eazy for enemy to attack.