Just as pipol nor dey espect rain for dry sizin,
na so too, respet nor good for foolish pesin.
Just as bird dey fly pass, na so too,
curse wey dem put for yor head and yu nor deserve am,
nor go do yu anytin.
E dey eazy to whip horse and kontrol donkey,
but e nor eazy to kontrol foolish pesin.
If yu ansa yeye kweshon wey foolish pesin ask,
den yu dey foolish, just like di pesin wey ask yu.
Make yu ansa fool akordin to en kweshon,
so dat e go know sey e nor wise as e tink,
but if yu nor ansa am, yusef go bi fool like am.
Just as if pesin kut en own leg komot,
na so e bi too to send fool message,
bikos na trobol di pesin dey look for.
As pesin wey en leg cripple nor fit use am,
na so too foolish pipol words dey yuzles.
To praiz foolish pesin bi like to put stone for katapault
kon ready to shot am.
Like shuku-shuku wey shuk drunkard man hand,
na so too wise word bi for foolish pesin mout.
10 Like pesin wey dey shot en arrow anyhow,
na so too e bi to pesin wey hire fool take work.
11 Just as dog dey go back go chop en vomit,
na so fool dey always show en foolishness.
12 Pesin wey foolish well-well,
betta pass pesin wey tink sey e wise,
but e nor get sense.
13 Lazy pesin go sey, “Lion dey for outside!
Many lion dey evriwhere for di street!”
14 Lazy pesin go just dey turn up-and-down for bed
like door handle and
15 some pipol too lazy to even put food for dia own mout.
16 Lazy pesin go tink sey en wise
pass seven pipol wey get sense well-well.
17 Pesin wey go argue matter wey nor koncern am,
bi like wen yu dey waka for road
kon go hold dog for en ear.
18 Just as e bad for mad pesin
to play with bow and arrow,
19 na so too e bi with pesin wey deceive en neighbour
and e sey, “Nor bi joke I dey joke?”
20 Fire nor dey katch without wood;
so without aproko, kworel nor go dey.
21 Pipol wey like wahala dey kause trobol,
just as mashes and kerosine dey start fire.
22 Aproko story dey sweet some pipol well-well,
but to odas, e dey pain well-well go rish dia bones.
23 Pesin wey get wiked heart and dey lie well-well,
bi like fine klot wey dem take kover klay pot,
so dat pipol go tink sey na betta tin dey der.
24 Pesin wey hate odas and dey pritend sey e like dem,
na wikedness full en heart.
25 Even doh e tok sweet words,
make yu nor bilive am, bikos na wikedness full en belle.
26 E fit hide en wikedness,
but evribody go soon si di bad tins wey e dey do.
27 So, anybody wey dig pit for pesin
go fall inside my ensef
and pesin wey roll stone to wound odas,
na di stone go fall kill-am.
28 Na only pesin wey yu hate, yu go
like lie against and yeye words dey distroy pipol.