Make yu nor boast about tumoro,
bikos yu nor know wetin go happen between naw and den.
So make yu let odas praiz yu,
instead of yu to dey praiz yorsef.
Even doh san and stone dey heavy,
e nor still heavy rish di wahala wey foolish pesin dey kause.
Vexnashon bad and anga dey distroy tins,
but who fit stand and bear jealousy?
E betta make yu korrect pesin for open,
dan to dey show am love for sekret.
If yor friend wound yu,
e betta pass yor enemy kiss wey fit kill yu.
Wen pesin don beleful,
even honey nor go sweet for en mout,
but wen e dey hongry, even food wey bitter, dey sweet am well-well.
Anybody wey dey waka up-and-down,
bi like bird wey nor dey stay en house.
Just as perfume and fine oil dey make pesin happy,
na so too betta advise from pesin friend,
dey bring joy to en heart.
10 Make yu nor forget yor friends or yor papa friends,
bikos if yu dey trobol, yu nor nid to ask yor relashon for help.
Di neighbour wey dey near yu,
fit help yu pass yor relashon wey dey far.
11 My pikin, make yu dey wise and I go happy,
so dat I go get good ansa to give anybody wey dey oppoz mi.
12 Wise pesin go si trobol dey kom kon run from am,
but doz wey nor dey tink, go waka enter,
den kon dey regret.
13 Pesin wey promise to pay money wey strenja dey owe,
make una hold en propaty,
especially if na ashawo e promise to pay for.
14 If yu shaut greet yor friend for morning,
pipol go tink sey yu dey curse am.
15 Wife wey dey komplain well-well,
bi like wota wey dey drop small-small for rainin sizin;
16 so how pesin go fit make am kwayet?
Since pesin nor fit stop breeze or hold oil for hand,
e nor go fit stop am too.
17 Just as iron dey make iron sharp,
na so too, two pesin dey learn from each oda.
18 Make yu kare for yor fig tree and yu go get many fig fruit to chop and na like dis too,
dem go honor savant wey dey kare for en masta.
19 Na yor own face dey shine for di wota wey yu dey look
and na yor ownsef yu dey si for yor heart.
20 Just as grave nor dey taya to take dead body,
na so too di tins wey pipol wont for dis world,
nor dey satisfy dem.
21 Just as dem dey take fire test gold and silva,
na so too dem dey test pesin good name.
22 Even if yu beat foolish pesin almost die,
yu nor go fit beat en foolishness komot for en body.
23 Make yu kare for yor sheep and kattle as yu fit,
24 bikos money and propaty nor dey-dey forever.
Even nashon nor dey last forever.
25 Wen grass die, new ones go appear
and di plants for mountins go grow again,
26 den yor sheep hair go bi yor klot,
yu go sell some goat wey dey yor field
27 and yu go get plenty goat milk to take feed yu,
yor family and yor wimen savant.