Di Man Wey Measure Jerusalem
Den I look again kon si one man whole ruler wey dem take dey measure. So I ask am, “Where yu dey go?” E ansa, “I dey go measure Jerusalem, make I for know as e wide and long rish.” Den di angel wey dey tok to mi kon waka go front and anoda angel kom meet am. Di first angel kon tell di sekond one, “Make yu run go tell di man wey whole di ruler sey, ‘Very soon, pipol and animals go plenty for Jerusalem, sotey di town nor go fit kontain dem again.’ God don promise sey na en go bi di fire wey surround di town like wall kon protet en pipol and E go stay der with all en glory.”
God tell en pipol, “Pipol wey dey nort, make una run, bikos I don skata una go evriwhere. Zion pipol, make una eskape and run komot Babilon! Bikos Oga God wey dey rule ova evritin tell mi sey, na bikos of en own glory E send mi go di nashons wey bin distroy una, bikos anybody wey tosh una, don tosh di pipol wey E love well-well.” God sey, “I go ponish dem well-well and na dia own slave go distroy and pak dia propaty.” Den una go know sey na Oga God wey dey rule ova evritin send mi kom.
10 So Zion pipol, make una shaut and happy as una dey sing, bikos I dey kom meet and stay with una.
Dis na wetin Oga God tok.
11 For dat time, many nashons go kom meet God and dem go bi en pipol. God go stay with una, den una go know sey na God send mi kom. 12 Judah go bi God special propaty for en holy land again, den Jerusalem go bi di town wey God choose. 13 So, make evribody kwayet for God present, bikos E dey kom from en holy place.