Profet Zekaraya give dis message to Judah pipol wey kom back from Babilon, for di sekond year wen Darius don dey rule as king for Persia (520 BC). Di book get two main parts. Di first part get two profesy and na cymbal Zekaraya take esplain am. For di sekond part, na song e take tok to di leaders for di town.
Afta Zekaraya tell evribody make dem turn from sin kom meet God, e kon use eight vishons to enkourage di pipol as dem dey build di temple. Di first and di last vishons diskribe four shariots wey horse wey get difren kolours (red, black, white and spots) dey pul kom di eart. Di sekond and third vishon show sey e nor matter how oda nashons strong rish, dem nor go fit treaten di kountry again. Di sixt and sevent vishon tok about how God go forgive di pipol dia sin. Two vishons show how God establish Joshua as high priest and Zerubabel as govnor.
Di oda profesy for dis book get six parts. Since dem distroy di temple and karry Israel pipol go Babilon, don fix one partikular time for evry year wen dem dey fast. Di message here na to tell di pipol make dem dey do di rite tins as dem dey fast and make dem fokus on di temple wey dem ribuild. Den Zekaraya kon tell dem sey dia fasting go end up with celebrashon.
Di last part for di book tell dem sey, afta di pipol don sofa under bad leaders, God go send one betta leader kom from David family. God go win all en enemies and E go bi king ova di whole world.
God Koll En Pipol
For di eight mont for di sekond year wey Darius dey rule for Persia, God give dis message to Profet Zekaraya, Berekaya pikin wey Iddo bi en grand-papa. Mi wey bi God, bin dey vex well-well for una grand-grand papa dem, so make yu tell di pipol sey, “Dis na wetin God wey dey lead heaven sojas tok: ‘Make una turn kom meet mi and I go kom meet una too, dis na wetin Oga God wey dey rule ova evritin, tok.’ Make una nor bi like una grand-grand papa dem. Before-before, my profets prish give dem sey, make dem stop to sin and do evil, but dem nor gri listin or obey dem. Where una grand-grand papa dem naw? Dem with di profets don die since. But evritin wey I tok thru my profets, happen to una grand-grand papa dem, just as I tok am. So dem turn from sin kom meet mi kon sey, ‘Oga God wey dey lead heaven sojas, na en really ponish us, just as wi deserve am. E don do wetin E sey E go do.’ ”
Horse Vishon
For di sekond year wey Darius dey rule, for di twenty fourt day, for di elevent mont wey bi Shebat, God give dis message to Zekaraya, Berekaya pikin wey Iddo bi en grand-papa.
For inside vishon dat nite, I si one man dey ride one red horse, den e stop for one valley wey trees full and I kon si anoda red, brown and white horse wey get black spot for body, dey follow am for back.
Den I ask, “Oga God, wetin all dis horse mean?” E ansa, “I go show yu wetin dem mean.” 10 Den di man wey stand near di myrtle tree kon sey, “Na God send dem make dem go look how di eart bi.” 11 So dem go back kon tell di angel, “Wi don go round di eart kon si sey peace dey evriwhere.” 12 Den di angel pray to God, “Oga God wey dey mighty, Yu don dey vex for Jerusalem and Judah town for seventy years naw. How long e go take before Yu go sorry for dem?” 13 So God ansa di angel wey dey tok to mi with words wey dey make belle sweet pesin. 14 So di angel kon tell mi, “Make yu go tell evribody wetin God tok, ‘I love and dey koncern about Jerusalem and Zion wey bi my holy town, 15 but I dey vex for di nashons wey feel sey dem dey save. Bikos as I dey try make I nor vex for my pipol, doz nashons dey make my pipol sofa more-more.
16 “ ‘So I don kom back to Jerusalem town kon show dem mesi. Dem go build my temple and di town again.’ ” 17 Di angel still sey: “God go help Jerusalem and make di town prosper again and di town go bi en own.”
Di Horn Vishon
18 Den wen I look up again, I kon si four horns. 19 I ask di angel wey dey tok to mi, “Wetin dis horn dem mean?” E ansa, “Dem stand for di wiked pawas for di world wey skata Judah, Israel and Jerusalem pipol.” 20 Den God kon show mi four men wey bi karpenter. 21 I kon ask, “Wetin dis men dey kom do?” E ansa, “Dem dey kom treaten Judah enemies and skata di horns wey won distroy Judah pipol.”