Di Glory Dey Kom
For di twenty first day for di sevent mont for dat same year, God kon tok to Profet Haggai again. E tell am make e go tell Zerubabel wey bi Shealtiel pikin, wey bi govnor for Judah, Joshua wey bi di High Priest and all di pipol sey, “E get anybody among una wey fit remember di way di temple fine rish before? But how una si am naw? Una fit kompare dis temple with di first one? But naw, Oga God sey: Zerubabel make yor heart strong, Joshua, Jehozadak pikin wey bi High Priest, make yu don fear too. All di pipol wey dey di land, make una mind strong. Make una bigin work, bikos I dey with una. My Spirit still dey with una, just as I promise wen una dey kom out from Egypt, so make una nor fear. Dis na wetin Oga God for heaven dey tok: E nor go tey again before I go shake di heavens and di eart, di sea and di dry land. I go shake all di nashons and dem go bring all dia propaty kom dis temple. I go kover dis place with my glory.”
Oga God don tok.
God sey, “Na mi get all di silva and gold wey dey di world. Di glory for dis new temple go big pass di old one and na for der I go for give my pipol peace and make dem prosper.”
Dis na wetin Oga God, wey dey mighty, tok.
God Blessings
10 For di twenty fourt day for di ninet mont for di sekond year wey Darius bi king, Oga God tok to Profet Haggai again. 11 E sey, “Make yu go ask di priest wetin di law tok about dis tin: 12 ‘Like for ezample sey pesin take holy meat wey dem don sakrifice kon hide am for en klot, den e allow dat klot tosh bread or food wey dem kook or wine or olive oil or any kind food, dat one go make di food dey holy?’ ” So wen Haggai ask dem di kweshon. Di priests ansa, “No!” 13 Den Haggai ask again, “Wot of pesin wey dirty bikos e tosh dead body; if e tosh any of dis food, dat mean sey di food dem don dirty too?” Di priests ansa, “Yes!” 14 Den Haggai sey, “God sey na di same tin go happen to di pipol for dis nashon and evritin wey dem plant. So evritin wey dem offa for di altar, don dirty.” 15 So God sey, “Make una tink about wetin bin dey happen to una before una start to ribuild di temple. But from naw go, evritin wey una dey do, go dey okay. 16 Dat time, una go where dem pak korn full, dey tink sey una go si twenty sak, but na only ten una si. Una go draw fifty gallon for wine, but na only twenty una get. 17 Even wen I send hot breeze and big-big stones kom skata evritin wey una plant, una nor still gri turn from sin kom meet mi. 18 But from today wey bi di twenty fourt day for di ninet mont, make una tink about how e bi before and naw wen una don build di temple again. Make una always dey tink of am. 19 Una korn, grapevines, fig trees, pomegranates and olive tree nor dey produce food since, but from naw go, I go bless una.”
Na Zerubabel God Choose
20 For dat same day wey bi di twenty fourt day for di mont, God give Haggai anoda message 21 make e go tell Zerubabel wey bi govnor for Judah: “I go soon shake heaven and eart 22 kon ova-trow and take kingdoms pawa from dem. I go distroy shariot and di pipol wey dey drive dem; di horse go die and di pipol wey dey drive dem, go kill each oda. 23 For dat day, I go take yu, Zerubabel, Shealtiel pikin wey bi my savant kon make yu rule with my name, bikos na mi choose yu.”
God wey get pawa don tok.