For 539 BC, King Cyprus for Persia take-ova Babilon and allow Jew pipol wey dey Babilon go back to Jerusalem, so dat dem go build dia temple again. Di first group wey go spend about two years to komplete and dedikate di temple foundashon. But some of di pipol wey dey di land dat time and wey get pipol for Persia, kon stop di work (siEzra 4:4–6:22). About sixteen year pass afta di work stop, King Darius kon dey rule for Persia. E kon make law sey make Jerusalem pipol go back to dia town go build di temple again. So, Profet Haggai kon tell di pipol to start to build di temple again. E tell Zerubabel wey bi di govnor and Joshua wey bi di high priest sey make dem lead di pipol as dem dey build. Na about four years e take dem to komplete di temple and dem kon start to woship God for der again.
Profet Haggai diliver four messages for di first four monts wen Darius start to rule. Di first message esplain why e bi sey any seed wey Israel pipol plant nor dey grow well or nor dey grow at-all. Dis na bikos dem nor gri build God temple wey skata for groun. Di sekond message na to enkourage doz wey dey vex sey di new temple nor fine rish di first one wey Solomon build. But God promise sey en glory for dis one, go betta pass di first one. Di third message na to tell di pipol sey from naw on, anytin wey dem plant, go prosper. Di final message na direct enkouragement to Zerubabel wey don kon dey rule Jerusalem afta dem build di temple. Di pipol kon kom back to dia land and God don dey bless dem well-well.
Haggai Start To Ribuild Di Temple
For di sekond year wen Darius bi king for Persia; for di first day for di sixt mont, God tell Profet Haggai make e give dis message to Zerubabel, Shealtiel pikin, wey bi govnor for Judah and to Joshua, Jehozadak pikin, wey bi di High Priest.
Oga God wey dey lead Heaven Sojas tell Haggai sey, “Dis pipol dey sey dis nor bi di rite time to build di temple again.” So God sey make Profet Haggai go give di pipol dis message: “My pipol, e good as una dey stay for fine-fine house and my temple skata?” Naw dis na wetin Oga God wey get pawa dey tok: “Make una tink about wetin dey happen to una! Una plant many korn, but wetin una harvest, small. Una get food to chop, but e nor dey beleful una. Una get wine to drink, but e nor dey rish una! Even wen una wear many klot, e nor dey make una warm and pipol wey dey work, dia salari nor dey rish dem spend.
“God wey get pawa sey, ‘Make una tink about wetin dey happen to una naw.’ So, make una go di mountins go kut wood kon ribuild di temple; den I go dey happy and belle go sweet mi.”
Dis na wetin Oga God tok.
“Una dey put mind sey una harvest go plenty, but na small una dey get. Even wen una karry di small food wey una harvest rish house, I go blow dem trowey. Na wetin make mi do like dat? Na bikos my temple skata and all of una dey build fine-fine house for unasef. 10 Na dis tin make rain nor fall for di eart, so anytin wey una plant, nor dey grow. 11 Yes, I don sey rain nor go fall for una land, hills, farm, vineyard, olive trees and for evritin wey di groun dey produce for una and una animals. I go skata evritin wey una dey work hard to get.”
12 So, Zerubabel wey bi Shealtiel pikin with Joshua, Jehozadak pikin wey bi di High Priest and evribody wey kom back from Babilon kon obey Oga God message wey E tell dem thru Profet Haggai and dem kon dey follow and obey God word, well-well. 13 Den Haggai tell di pipol, “God sey: ‘I promise sey I go dey with una.’ ” 14 So Oga God kon help Zerubabel wey bi govnor for Judah; Joshua wey bi di High Priest and all di pipol wey kom back from Babilon, so dat dem go fit do di work. All of dem kon start to build Oga God temple. Dem start di work 15 for di twenty fourt day for di sixt mont for di sekond year wey Darius bi king for Persia.