Jerusalem Don Spoil
Bad tins go happen to Jerusalem pipol,
bikos dem don spoil di town
kon turn am to where wayo full.
Nobody fit tell am anytin,
bikos e nor dey gri make dem korrect am.
E nor trust God at-all
and e nor dey listin to am.
En leaders bi like hongry lion
wey dey look for who dem go chop.
Dem dey hongry like wolf for desert
wey dey chop dia food finish for morning.
En profets sturbon and dem dey lie;
dey tok only wetin go give dem money.
En priests nor gri obey God kommand,
so dem don spoil and make di temple dirty
with di bad tins wey dem dey do.
But God still dey di town
and E nor dey do bad at-all.
E dey always judge matter well and E nor dey fail.
Yet wiked pipol nor dey shame at-all.
God distroy many nashons
kon skata di walls for dia town.
E skata dia street and nobody dey waka pass der again.
Dia town don skata and nobody dey stay inside again.
God sey, “I bin tink sey,
‘Una go really respet mi!’
Naw, make una do wetin I tok!
If to sey una really gri do am,
dem nor for skata una house with all dis ponishment.”
But na only to sin una dey tink about.
So God sey, “Una must get patient
as una dey wait for mi.
For di day wen I go attack
kon karry all una propaty, I don decide sey,
I go gada nashons and kingdoms togeda
kon pour my vexnashon on dem.
Bikos my vexnashon go full di whole world.
Make una know sey, for dat time,
I go make di nashons praiz mi well-well.
All of dem go dey pray with my name
kon woship mi with one spirit.
10 My pipol wey skata before,
go from di oda side for Ethiopia river kon sakrifice give mi.
11 For dat day, una nor go dey shame
bikos of all una sturbones against mi.
I go distroy doz wey dey boast among una
and una nor go ever dey sturbon for my holy hill again.
12 Pipol wey dey honbol and good,
na dem go stay with una and dem go dey save for God present.
13 Israel pipol wey remain, nor go dey sin again.
Dem nor go lie and to deceive pipol,
nor go dey dia mind again.
True-true, dem go dey chop and sleep well
and nor-tin go make dem fear again.
14 Una wey dey Zion, make una shaut!
Israel pipol, make una shaut too!
Jerusalem pipol, make una dey happy
and boast with all una heart!
15 God nor go judge una again;
E don drive una enemies from una.
Israel king, God dey with yu!
So una nor nid to fear again.
16 For dat day, dem go tell Jerusalem,
‘Zion, make yu happy!
Make yu nor fear at-all!
17 Di Oga yor God dey with yu
and E dey always diliver yu.
E dey happy well-well bikos of yu.
En love nor go make yu fear again
and E go dey sing sweet songs bikos of yu.’
18 But doz wey dey kry bikos dem nor fit go di festival,
I don take dem komot from among una;
so dat dem nor go disgrace una again.
19 And for dat time, I go ponish doz
wey dey trit una anyhow.
I go save di pipol wey dey weak
and gada dem togeda.
I go remove dia disgrace
and dis go make di whole world dey respet dem!
20 For dat time, I go gada and bring una
kom back to una house.
Wen I dey give una evritin wey una don lost before,
I go make evribody for dis world respet and honor una.”
Mi, Oga God, don tok.