Wayo Fasting
For year afta Darius don bi king, for di fourt day for di ninet mont wey dem dey koll Kislev, God kon give mi dis message. For dis time, Bethel pipol don send Shareza, Regemelek and dia men go pray to God make E for bless dem. Den make dem still ask di priests and profets dis kweshon: “Make wi kontinue to mourn and fast for di fift mont just as wi dey do since?” So Oga God wey dey lead heaven sojas kon tell mi: “Make yu ansa di pipol and di priests, ‘Since una dey fast for di fift and sevent mont for seventy years naw, una really dey do am bikos of mi? And naw wey una dey chop and drink, nor bi for una own body? Dis nor bi di same message wey God tell una thru en profets before-before wen Jerusalem and Judah town dey stay for peace and wen Negev and Judah pipol still plenty?’ ”
So God kon give dis message to Zekaraya: “Oga God wey dey rule evritin sey, ‘Make una dey judge well, show kindness and sorry for odas. 10 Make una nor opress wimen wey dia husband don die; shidren wey nor get papa and mama; strenjas wey dey una town; doz wey nid una help and make una nor plan bad against each oda.’
11 “But dem nor gri listin, instead dem klose dia ear make dem for nor hear anytin. 12 Dia heart strong like rock and dem nor gri obey my profets wey dey among dem. So I vex kon ponish dem well-well.
13 “Bikos dem nor gri listin wen I tok to dem, na so too I nor go listin anytime wey dem pray to mi. 14 Instead, I go skata and karry dem go difren kountry like sey na heavy breeze blow dem. Den dis betta land go turn where pipol nor dey stay again and where dem dey trowey dirty put.”