Betta Fasting
Den Oga God wey dey lead heaven sojas give Zekaraya dis message: “Dis na wetin God wey dey lead heaven soja tok: ‘I dey always like to bless Zion, bikos of di strong love wey I get for en pipol and na dis love dey make mi vex for dia enemies.’ ”
And naw, Oga God sey, “I dey go back to Jerusalem kon stay for Zion wey bi my holy town. Den pipol go koll Jerusalem ‘Di town wey dey faithful’ and dem go koll Oga God mountin, ‘Di holy mountin.’ ”
Oga God wey get pawa sey, “Old men and wimen wey dey Jerusalem, go waka round di town with dia walkin stik and dem go sidan for di town centre again. Boys and girls go full di strits kon dey play again.”
God wey dey lead heaven sojas sey, “My pipol wey remain fit tink sey all dis tins nor dey possibol, but with mi wey bi Oga God wey get pawa well-well, evritin dey possibol.”
God wey dey lead heaven sojas sey, “My pipol, make una dey sure sey I go save una from di land wey dey east and west. I go bring una kom back to una house and una go get peace for Jerusalem. Una go bi my pipol and I go bi una God wey go rule and judge una well.”
God wey dey lead heaven sojas sey, “Make una dey strong kon finish di work! Na since dem start to build God Temple, una don hear wetin di profets dey tok about how di temple work go take komplete. 10 Before dat time, nobody get money to hire men or animals and nobody dey save from en enemies, bikos na mi God turn pipol against each oda.”
11 But naw, God wey dey lead heaven sojas sey, “As for my pipol wey remain, I go dey trit dem well. 12 Nobody go wahala dem wen dem dey plant dia seed. Dia vine go get many fruits; di groun go produce food and rain go always dey fall for dem. I go give all dis blessings to my pipol wey remain. 13 Judah and Israel pipol! Before-before, strenjas dey curse diasef sey, ‘Make di kind wahala wey fall press Judah and Israel pipol, fall press yu!’ But I go save una and doz strenjas go still tell each oda sey, ‘Make yu receive di same blessing wey Judah and Israel pipol get!’ So make una get hope and nor fear.”
14 Oga God sey, “I plan to distroy una grand-grand papa dem wen dem make mi vex and I do just as I plan. 15 But naw, I dey plan to bless Judah and Jerusalem pipol. So make una nor fear. 16 But dis na wetin una go do: ‘Make una always dey tell each oda di trut. Make una judge well, di kind judgement wey dey bring peace. 17 Make una nor plan bad against each oda or swear as una dey tok wetin una eye nor si. I hate lie, opreshon and doz wey dey kause wahala.’ ”
18 Oga God tell Zekaraya sey, 19 “Di fasting wey Judah pipol dey do for di fourt, fift, sevent and tent mont, go kon bi festival for joy and for betta tins. Una must love trut and peace.”
20 Oga God wey dey rule ova evritin sey, “Di time dey kom wen pipol from difren kountries go kom Jerusalem. 21 Pipol from one kountry go tell doz from anoda kountry sey, ‘Wi dey go woship Oga God wey get pawa kon pray make E bless us. So make una kom follow us go!’ 22 Many pipol and strong nashons go kom Jerusalem kon woship and pray to God wey get pawa, so dat E go bless dem.”
23 God wey dey lead heaven sojas sey, “For dat time, ten strenjas go kom meet one Jew pesin sey, ‘Wi won share from yor blessings, bikos wi hear sey God dey with yu.’ ”