Di King Dey Kom
Na Oga God give mi dis message against Hadrak and Damaskus town.
Evribody dey look up to God make E bless dem, especially Israel pipol. God go judge di pipol wey dey Hamat with Damaskus, Tyre and Sidon pipol wey share boundary with dem, bikos dem tink sey dem wise well-well. Tyre pipol build strong house for demsef kon gada many gold and silva like sey na san-san! But God go take evritin wey dem get from dem. E go trow all dia propaty for sea and dem go burn di town rish groun. Ashkelon pipol go si all dis tins and fear go katch dem. Wen Gaza pipol go si dis tins, dem go bigin shake. Even Ekron pipol nor go get hope again. Dem go kill Gaza king kon distroy and skata Ashkelon town. Na strenjas go stay for Ashdod town and I go really distroy Filistia pipol, bikos dem too dey karry body up. “Dem nor go chop meat wey nor get blood again or food wey my pipol dey forbid. All di pipol wey survive, go bi my pipol too and dem go bi one family for Judah. Ekron pipol go bi my own too, just like Jebus pipol. Den I go surround and guide my temple both for back and front. I nor go allow wiked rulers opress my pipol again, bikos naw, I don si how my pipol sofa rish.”
God Save En Pipol
Zion pipol! Make una happy well-well!
Jerusalem pipol! Make una shaut with joy!
Make una look, una king dey kom meet una!
E dey raitious and naim get viktory.
E dey honbol and kwayet
as E sidan on-top donkey dey kom.
10 God sey,
“I go remove di shariot from Israel,
den take di horse dem komot from Jerusalem
and distroy evritin wey dem take dey fight war.
Una king go make peace with oda nashons.
E go rule from one sea to di oda:
Even from Eufrates River go rish
where di eart for end.”
11 God sey, “Bikos of di sakrifice and blood kovenant wey I make with una, I go free una pipol from slave work. 12 Israel pipol wey bi prisonas, make una kom back, bikos una don get hope. Make una kom back to di place where una go for dey save. I dey tell una naw sey, ‘I go give una doubol blessing, bikos of how una don sofa.’ 13 I go use Judah pipol take do bow and Israel pipol go bi my arrow. Zion men go bi my swod wey I go take distroy Greece pipol.”
14 God go appear on-top en pipol; E go shot en arrow like tonda lite. God wey get pawa go blow di trumpet; E go mash kom from sout under one heavy rain. 15 Oga God wey get pawa go protet en pipol and dem go distroy dia enemies. Dem go dey shaut for war like who drink dey katch and dem go kill dia enemies finish. Dia enemies blood go plenty well-well like sakrifice blood wey dem pour put for di altar. 16 Wen dat day rish, just as shepad dey save en animals from danger, na so too Oga God go save en pipol. Dem go shine for en land like crown wey dem make with gold. 17 Dem go dey good and fine well-well! Di korn and wine wey di yong pipol go dey chop and drink, go make dem grow and dey strong.