God Greatness
Di day wen God go judge en pipol don near. Den, dem go tif all di propaty wey dey Jerusalem kon divide di tins wey dem tif for una present. God go gada all di nashons go fight Jerusalem. Dem go attack di town, tif evritin from all di house, den rape di wimen. Dem go karry some of di pipol go anoda land as slave, but dem nor go take evribody komot from di town.
Den God go-go fight against doz nashons, just as E fight before. For dat time, E go stand on-top Mount Olives kon face di east side for Jerusalem. Den Mount Olives go divide into two from east go west. Half part for di mountin go-go nort and di remainin part go-go sout. Una go from dis valley go di mountin kon eskape go di oda side. Una go run, just as una grand-grand papa dem do wen groun open for di time wen Uzzaya bi king for Judah. Den all di angels go follow Oga God wen E dey kom. For dat day, lite nor go shine again; di place wey dey bring lite from heaven, go stop. But e go happen for one special day and na only Oga God know di day. Normal day and nite go dey and even wen evening rish, lite go still dey shine like day time. For dat day, na only fresh wota go dey rush kom out from Jerusalem. Half go-go di Dead Sea and di oda half go-go Mediterranean Sea. E go dey rush both for dry and rainin sizin.
Den God go bi king for all di eart; evribody go woship and know am as God. 10 All di land from Gibeah aria go rish Rimmon wey dey di sout, go klean like Arabah. But Jerusalem go high pass oda land wey dey round am; di town go start from Benjamin Gate go rish di Korna Gate kon from Hananel Towa go di Royal Wine press. 11 Di pipol go stay and dey save for der and bad tin nor go happen to dem again.
12 God go bring wiked diziz kom all di nashons wey fight against Jerusalem. Dia flesh go dey rotin even wen dem still dey alive; even dia eyes and tongue go rotin too. 13 For dat day, God go konfuse dem well-well and fear go katch dem, sotey dem go bigin seize and attack demsef. 14 Judah men sef go dey fight and defend Jerusalem. Dem go take all di oda nashons propaty plus dia gold, silva and all dia many klot. 15 Wiked diziz go katch all di horse, melu, kamel, donkey and di oda animals wey dey di enemies kamp.
16 Den all di pipol wey survive for di nashons wey attack Jerusalem go dey go der evry year go woship Oga God wey dey mighty and wey bi king and dem go still join celebrate Shelta Feast. 17 If any nashon nor gri go woship Oga God wey bi King, wey dey lead heaven sojas, rain nor go fall for dia land. 18 If Egypt pipol nor gri celebrate Shelta Feast, di same diziz wey God send go all di nashons wey nor gri celebrate di feast, go katch dem too. 19 If Egypt pipol and all di oda nashons nor gri celebrate di Shelta Feast, all dis ponishment go follow dem.
20 For dat day, dem go rite sey, “Na Oga God Dey holy.” Di pot wey dey God temple go dey holy, just as di basin wey dey di altar front. 21 Di pots wey dem take dey kook for Jerusalem and Judah go dey holy before di Oga awa God wey get pawa, so dat doz wey dey kom offa sakrifice, go use dem take kook dia sakrifice. For dat day, di pipol from Kanaan wey dey sell inside Oga God Temple, nor go ever dey for awa God house again.