A psalm written by David for the choir director
I trust that Yahweh will protect [MTY] me.
So do not [RHQ] say to me, “You need to escape/flee to the mountains like birds do,
because wicked people have hidden in the darkness,
they have pulled back their bowstrings and aimed their arrows
to shoot them at godly/righteous [IDM] people like you.
When people are not punished for disobeying the laws,
◄what can righteous people do?/there is not much that righteous people can do.►” [RHQ]
But Yahweh is sitting on his throne in his sacred temple in heaven,
and he [SYN] watches everything that people do.
Yahweh examines what righteous people do and what wicked people do,
and he hates those who like to perform violent actions to injure others.
He will send down from the sky flaming coals and burning sulfur,
and send scorching hot winds to punish wicked people.
Yahweh is righteous and he loves those who act righteously;
righteous people are able to come into his presence.