A psalm written by David for the choir director
Yahweh, help us!
It seems that people who are loyal to you have all vanished.
Everyone tells lies to other people;
they deceive others by ◄flattering them/saying good things about them that they know are not true►.
Yahweh, we wish that you would cut off their tongues
so that they cannot continue to boast.
They say, “By telling lies we will get what we want;
we control what we say [MTY], so no one can tell us what we should not do!”
But Yahweh replies, “I have seen the violent things that they have done to helpless people;
and I have heard those people groaning,
so I will arise and rescue the people who are wanting me to help them.”
Yahweh, you always do what you have promised to do;
what you have promised is as precious and pure as silver
that has been heated seven times in a furnace to get rid of all the impure material.
7-8 Wicked people strut around proudly,
and people praise them for doing vile/wicked deeds,
but Yahweh, we know that you will protect/rescue us
from those wicked people.