A psalm written by David
Yahweh said to my lord the king,
“Sit here, close to me, in the place of highest honor [MTY]
until I completely defeat your enemies [MET]
and make them like a stool for your feet!”
Yahweh also said to him, “I will extend your power as king
from Jerusalem to other lands;
you will rule over all your enemies.
On the day that you lead your armies into battle,
many of your people will volunteer to join your army.
Like the dew refreshes the earth early in the morning,
young men will encourage you by coming to help you.”
Yahweh has made a solemn promise,
and he will never change his mind;
he has said to the king, “You will be a priest forever
serving Yahweh like Melchizedek did.”
Yahweh stands in the place of highest honor at your right side;
when he becomes angry, he will defeat many kings.
He will judge and punish the people of many nations;
he will fill the land with their corpses.
He will crush the heads of other kings all over the earth.
But my lord the king will drink from streams near the road;
he will be refreshed after defeating his enemies.