Praise Yahweh!
I will thank Yahweh with my entire inner being,
every time I am with a large group of godly/righteous people.
The things that Yahweh has done are wonderful!
All those who are delighted/pleased with those things
desire to ◄study/think about► them.
Because of everything that he does,
people greatly honor him and respect him because he is a great king;
the righteous/just things that he does will endure forever.
He has appointed/established festivals in which we remember the wonderful things that he has done;
Yahweh always is kind and merciful.
He provides food for those who revere him;
he never forgets the agreement that he made with our ancestors.
By enabling his people to capture the lands that belonged to other people-groups,
he has shown to us, his people, that he is very powerful.
He [MTY] faithfully does what he has promised and always does what is just/fair,
and we can depend on him to help us when he commands us to do things.
What he commands must be obeyed forever;
and he acted in a true and righteous manner when he gave us those commands.
He rescued us, his people, from being slaves in Egypt,
and he made an agreement with us that will last forever.
He [MTY] is holy and awesome!
10 Revering Yahweh is the way to become wise.
All those who obey his commands will know what is good for them to decide to do.
We should praise him forever!