Praise Yahweh!
◄Happy are/He is pleased with► those who revere him,
those who happily obey his commands.
Their children will prosper in their land;
and their descendants will be blessed by God.
Their families [MTY] will be very wealthy [DOU],
and the results of their righteous deeds will endure forever.
Godly/Righteous people are like lights [SIM] that shine in the darkness
on those who are kind, merciful and righteous.
Things will go well for those who generously lend money to others
and who conduct their businesses honestly.
Righteous people will not be overwhelmed/worried/distressed because of their troubles,
and they will never be forgotten by other people.
They are not afraid of receiving bad news;
they confidently/completely trust in Yahweh.
They are confident and not afraid,
because they know that they will see God defeat their enemies.
They give things generously to poor/needy people;
the results of their kind deeds will endure forever,
and they will be exalted and honored.
10 Wicked people see those things and are angry;
they gnash their teeth angrily,
but they will disappear and die.
The wicked things that they want to do will never happen.