Praise Yahweh!
You people who serve Yahweh, praise him!
Praise ◄him/his name►!
Yahweh should be praised now and forever!
People who live in the east and people who live in the west,
everyone, should praise Yahweh [MTY]!
Yahweh rules [MTY] over all the nations,
and high in the heavens he shows that his glory is very great.
There is no one [RHQ] who is like Yahweh, our God,
who lives/sits/rules in the highest heaven,
and looks far down through the heavens and sees the people on the earth.
Sometimes he lifts poor people up so that they no longer sit in the dirt;
he helps needy people so that they no longer sit on heaps of ashes
and causes them to be honored by sitting next to princes,
the sons of the kings who rule their people.
He also enables women who have no children to have a family;
he causes them to be happy mothers.
Praise Yahweh!