When the Israeli people left Egypt,
when they who were descendants of Jacob left people who spoke a foreign/different language,
the land of Judah became the place where people worshiped God;
and Israel became the land (OR, the Israeli people became the people) that he ruled over.
When they came to the Red Sea,
it was as though the water saw them and ran away!
When they came to the Jordan River,
that water in the river stopped flowing so that the Israelis could cross it.
When they came to Sinai Mountain and there was a big earthquake,
it was as though the mountains skipped/jumped like goats do
and the hills jumped around like lambs do.
If someone asks, “What happened at the Red Sea that caused the water to run away?
What happened that caused the water in the Jordan River to stop flowing?
What happened that caused the mountains to skip like goats
and caused the hills to jump around like lambs?”
I would reply that it was the presence of the Lord that caused those things to happen!
Everyone/Everything on the earth should tremble in the presence of God, whom ◄Jacob worshiped/the Israeli people worship►!
He is the one who caused pools of water for the Israeli people to drink to flow from a rock;
he caused a spring to flow from a solid rock cliff!