A psalm written for people going up to the temple to worship
When I had troubles, I called out to Yahweh
and he answered me.
I prayed,
“Yahweh, rescue/save me from people [SYN, MTY] who lie to me and try to deceive me!”
You people who lie to me, I will tell you [RHQ] what God will do to you
and what he will do to punish you.
He will shoot sharp arrows at you like soldiers do,
and he will burn you with red-hot coals from the wood of a broom tree.
It is terrible for me, living among cruel/savage [DOU] people
like those who live in Meshech region and Kedar region.
I have lived for a long time among people who hate to live with others peacefully.
Every time I talk about living together peacefully,
they talk about starting a war.