A psalm written for people going up to the temple to worship
When we travel toward Jerusalem,
I look up toward the hills and I ask myself, “Who will help me?”
And my answer is that Yahweh is the one who helps me;
he is the one who made heaven and the earth.
He will not allow us to fall/stumble;
God, who protects us, will not fall asleep.
The one who protects us Israeli people
never gets sleepy, nor does he sleep [LIT].
Yahweh watches over us;
he is like the shade [MET] that protects us from the sun.
He will not allow the sun to harm us during the day,
and he will not allow the moon to harm us during the night.
Yahweh will protect us from being harmed in any manner;
he will keep us safe.
He will protect us from the time that we leave our houses in the morning until we return in the evening;
he will protect us now, and he will protect us forever.