A psalm written by David for people going up to the temple to worship
I was glad/happy when people said to me,
“We should go to the temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem!”
And now we are here,
standing inside the gates/city of [APO] Jerusalem.
Jerusalem is a city that has been rebuilt,
with the result that people can gather together in it.
We people of the tribes of Israel who belong to Yahweh can now go up there
as Yahweh commanded that we should do,
and we can thank him.
There the kings of Israel who were descendants of King David sit on their thrones
and decide cases fairly when the people have disputes.
Pray that there will be peace in Jerusalem;
I desire that those who love Jerusalem will ◄prosper/live peacefully►.
I desire that there will be peace inside the walls of the city
and that people who are inside the palaces will be safe.
For the sake of my relatives and friends, I say,
“My desire is that that inside Jerusalem people will live peacefully.”
And because I love the temple of Yahweh our God,
I pray that things will go well for the people who live in Jerusalem.