A psalm written by David for people going up to the temple to worship
You Israeli people, answer this question:
What would have happened to us if Yahweh had not been ◄helping/fighting for► us?
When our enemies attacked us,
if Yahweh had not been fighting for us,
we would have all been killed [IDM]
because they were very angry with us!
They would have been like [MET] a flood that swept/carried us away;
it would have been as though the water would have covered us,
and we would all have drowned in the flood that was ◄raging/flowing very fast►.
But praise Yahweh,
because he has not allowed our enemies to destroy us
like wild animals [MET] tear apart the creatures that they capture.
We have escaped from our enemies like a bird escapes from the trap that hunters have set;
it is as though the trap that our enemies set for us was broken
and we have escaped from it!
Yahweh is the one who helps us [MTY];
he is the one who made heaven and the earth.