A psalm written for people going up to the temple to worship
Those/We who trust in Yahweh are as secure/steadfast [SIM] as Zion Hill,
which cannot be shaken and can never be moved.
Like the hills that surround Jerusalem protect the city,
Yahweh protects us, his people,
and he will protect us forever.
Wicked people [MTY] should not be allowed to rule over the land where righteous people live.
If they did that, those righteous people might ◄be encouraged to imitate them and► do things that are wrong.
Yahweh, do good things to those who do good things to others
and to those who sincerely obey your commands [IDM].
But when you punish the wicked people who are not Israelis,
also punish those Israelis who turn away from walking on the good roads [MET] that you have shown them!
I wish that things will go well for people in Israel!