A psalm written by Solomon for people going up to the temple to worship
If people are building a house without knowing whether it is Yahweh's will to build it,
they are building it in vain.
Similarly, if Yahweh does not protect a city,
it is useless for guards/sentries to stay awake to tell people if their enemies come to attack it.
It is also useless to arise very early and go to sleep late at night
in order that you can work hard all day to earn money to buy food,
because Yahweh gives food to those whom he loves.
Children are a gift that comes to parents from Yahweh;
they are a reward/blessing from him.
If a man has sons while he is still young,
when they grow up, they will be able to help him defend his family
like [SIM] a soldier can defend himself if he has a bow and arrows in his hand.
A man who has many sons is very happy,
like [MET] a soldier who has many arrows in his quiver is very happy.
If a man with his many grown sons is taken by his enemies to the place where they decide matters, his enemies will never be able to defeat that man,
because his sons will help to defend him.