A psalm written for those going up to the temple to worship
◄Happy are/Yahweh is pleased with► those of you who revere him
and do what he wants you to do [IDM].
You will be able to earn the money that you [MTY] need to buy food;
you will be happy and you will be prosperous.
Your wife will be like a grapevine that bears many grapes [SIM];
she will give birth to many children.
Your children who sit around your table
will be like a strong olive tree that has many shoots growing up around it [SIM].
Every man who reveres Yahweh
will be blessed like that.
I wish/hope that Yahweh will bless all of you from where he dwells ◄on Zion Hill/ in Jerusalem
and that you will see the people of Jerusalem prospering every day that you live!
I desire that you will live many years,
long enough to see your grandchildren.
I desire/hope that things will go well for the people in Israel!